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About our volunteer abroad program and partnership

Travellers Quest presently partners with IFRE volunteers and RCDP volunteers to offer the best, cheapest, safest and meaningful volunteer programs to thousands of volunteers like you. IFRE volunteers and RCDP volunteers are among the few best and reputed volunteer companies with joint experience of offering successful volunteering abroad experience for more than 50,000 volunteers since 1998.

Main features

  • The lowest volunteering fees, which go directly to the host families and programs.
  • Choose from over 200 exciting programs in 19 countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America.
  • Travel the world while improving the quality of life for families and individuals who urgently need help .
  • Immerse yourself in fascinating new cultures, sample exotic foods, learn different languages, meet diverse people, and make a positive impact through selfless service.

We invite you to join us, if you are thinking of making a commitment to impact the world positively while volunteering abroad without costs being through the roof.

Simply fill out the form to begin your life-changing journey of volunteering abroad.

Since 2005, IFRE has been the world's leading volunteer abroad organization with over 200 meaningful programs and 20,000 grateful volunteers. Join thousands of others who are fulfilling their dreams of international travel while making a positive impact in the lives of others. Since 1998, RCDP International has become the world’s leading and most affordable volunteer abroad organization. We’ve provided life-changing opportunities to over 18,00 grateful volunteers in a wide variety of service, program, internship project, summer abroad and more.