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11 Best Cheap Healthcare Volunteer Abroad Opportunities in Argentina

By opting to participate on a healthcare volunteer program in Argentina, which is aimed at improving the health condition and quality of life of economically vulnerable people and communities deprived of world class medical care, volunteers find themselves doing one of the most respected and impactful humanitarian works in the world.

Unfortunately, not everyone can join a healthcare volunteer program, regardless of their interest in helping others, as this is a specialized field. Healthcare volunteer work is best suited to people who are already involved in the health profession, or are studying to become doctors, nurses and health assistants.

Eligible volunteers will find their knowledge and skills are really valuable in impoverished or remote areas of this Latin American nation, where medical facilities are not up to international standard and healthcare professional are in short supply. In return they gain first-hand experience that can be beneficial for their career growth.

In this article, we have selected the 7 best and cheap healthcare volunteer abroad opportunities in Argentina which are sure to provide a remarkable volunteer experience and a unique perspective of the country. The programs listed below offer you an opportunity to help improve the health condition and quality of life of many Argentinean people in a safe, reliable and friendly environment, with enough free time to explore the fabulous country and enjoy its lively culture.

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RCDP International

RCDP International

A young Nepalese graduate student in US realized the need for a structured volunteer program in Nepal, and consequently RCDP (Rural Community Development Program) came into existence in 1998. RCDP was the first volunteer abroad opportunities provider in Nepal and is now considered one of the best volunteer abroad companies internationally.

The aim of RCDP is to work for the benefit of orphans, poor children and impoverished communities in the countries where it operates. The company also provides exciting internship opportunities, and provides courses in Asian and African languages.

RCDP Argentina health care volunteer opportunities

This highly rated healthcare volunteer abroad program in Argentina offers firsthand working experience in medical sectors of the Argentinean healthcare system. Consequently this project best suits students who are looking for quality volunteer work that will benefit a community and their own medical career in the future. Volunteers who have chosen health care volunteer programs are placed in local clinics and hospitals of Cordoba city

Volunteer on this inexpensive healthcare project in Argentina work for 4-5 hours a day Monday through Friday. They act as medical assistants to local doctors and other medical staff, and are given tasks based on their skills and experiences.

Responsibilities vary from keeping patient records, conducting routine medical checkups of patients, e.g. taking blood pressure readings and recording weight, and other tasks related to first aid and primary healthcare. Volunteers sometimes work on government health projects or with other local medical health care professionals.

RCDP Argentina health care volunteer fees

An affordable and logical fee structure, along with a meaningful volunteering experience is what sets RCDP apart from other volunteer abroad providers. RCDP’s registration fee is just $269, which covers administrative costs of $120 and advertising costs of $149.

The weekly fee for RCDP’s healthcare volunteer program in Argentina starts from $404 for a one week placement, rising incrementally to reach $824 for six weeks. The weekly fee covers food, accommodation, coordination, and project donation. Comparatively, RCDP provides very inexpensive volunteering experiences.

RCDP Argentina health care volunteer reviews

If you look at the feedback from prior volunteers you will learn that RCDP is a positively rated volunteer abroad company. RCDP’s prime motto is customer satisfaction, which shows in the top quality and inexpensive services they provide. Check out the feedback published on the online review website by a former volunteer about the programs offered by RCDP:

I joined the one-week program offered by RCDP. The coordinator provided a lot of support to us. The home stay in coordinator's home was a good opportunity to immerse yourself into the culture of Argentina. Overall, it was a great experience. - Janice Yeung


IFRE healthcare volunteer program

IFRE is a popular company that offers international volunteering opportunities, all geared towards providing a high quality service at an inexpensive price, while enabling volunteers to collect life time experiences. Serving international volunteers since 2005, IFRE offers more than 200 projects in 18 countries. Besides world class volunteering opportunities the company also provides amazing internship and wildlife volunteer opportunities.

IFRE Argentina health care volunteer opportunities

This best and cheap healthcare volunteer abroad program in Argentina serves as a platform for those volunteers who are interested in, or are actively pursuing, a career in the medical field. By contributing to the healthcare system in Argentina volunteers stand to benefit from the experience and enhance their own medical career prospects.

This program offers volunteers a remarkable opportunity to get involved in health care projects and improve the health condition of the Argentine people. Medical students will benefit from joining this project as they get a chance to gain first-hand experience in an international setting.

Volunteers who have chosen to participate in this project will conduct training sessions on topics including personal hygiene, nutrition, sanitation, disease prevention, and basic healthcare. As a volunteer on this Argentina health care project, you will also assist the local staff by carrying out the following activities—supporting staff on vaccination programs, educating local people about healthy diets, planning and executing educational workshops, raising awareness among the locals about personal hygiene and so on.

IFRE Argentina health care volunteer fees

IFRE does not believe in making profits out of its volunteering programs, so all fees are as low as possible. The $299 registration fee covers IFRE’s advertising and office expenses, while the weekly fees are paid directly to the host family. A one week placement costs from $504.

IFRE Argentina health care volunteer reviews

IFRE is a volunteer abroad company that has left remarkable footprints in the volunteer abroad field, especially when it comes to its affordable fees. It boasts plenty of satisfied and happy volunteers and continues to attract many more people interested in altruistic activities.

Here’s how a former volunteer expresses her satisfaction with the programs offered by IFRE:

I could not have felt more at home than I did in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I always felt very safe and at home. Coming from somebody who travels a lot, I think this was the nicest, homiest, safest place I have ever stayed. I loved coming home to my “family” everyday. I LOVED MY PLACEMENT IN THE CLINICS! I think it is very true when they say you must take it upon yourself though to jump into the work. However, I think that anybody wanting to do medicine should already have that mentality.

Take advantage of the fact that you are exposed to more than you would be elsewhere! When they see that you are exerting effort they really go out of their way to teach you things and expose you to as much as possible. I worked nights at Clinic too, to deliver babies, and I highly recommend that. The staffs at both clinics were such great teachers and I was very sad to leave my job.

I loved this organization for many reasons but the most being their greatest focus is the projects! They were never hesitant to provide logistical support or answer even the smallest of questions. I very much look forward to travelling with this company again. -Mallory

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Global Crossroad

Global crossroad medical volunteer program

Offering volunteering abroad programs since 2003, Global Crossroad also deal with other types of programs, such as mini ventures, adventure travel, seasonal escapes, teach abroad, cross-cultural learning, group volunteer program, free time exploration, and more, to woo its existing and potential customers. Having already served more than 18,000 volunteers, Global Crossroad continues to attract more and more prospective volunteers.

Global Crossroad Argentina health care volunteer opportunities

Healthcare volunteer in Argentina programs offered by Global Crossroad provide volunteers with a golden opportunity to do real work in the medical projects of Argentina. Global Crossroad cooperates with local clinics, non-profit organizations and hospitals to provide invaluable volunteering opportunities in the health related projects in Argentina.

Volunteers on this highly rated healthcare project in Argentina are expected to get involved in programs promoting healthy lifestyles and good nutrition, assist with vaccination programs, educate people on disease prevention and personal hygiene, conduct routine check-ups and so on. Overall as a volunteer you will be helping the Argentine people to live a healthy life.

Global Crossroad Argentina health care volunteer fees

Global Crossroad works constantly to keep its program costs and expenses low so volunteers can benefit from affordable fees structure. The application fee of Global Crossroad is $299, which covers essential company operating costs such as advertising, staff salaries, etc.

The program fees charged by Global crossroad start at $504 for the first week of placement, through to $1174 for the sixth week. Most of the program fee is used for food, accommodation and a donation to the project.

Global Crossroad Argentina health care volunteer reviews

Global Crossroad believes in maintaining financial transparency, and thus is trusted by many volunteers worldwide. Previous volunteers are glad that they volunteered through Global Crossroad, and online reviewing companies are also impressed with the projects.

Here’s what a happy ex-volunteer has to say about the Global Crossroad projects:

I participated in the medical volunteer program in Buenos Aires, Argentina for 2 weeks. During my stay I had the opportunity to shadow physicians and nurses of various specialties, including: emergency medicine, orthopedic surgery, intensive care, general surgery, and post operative care. I also had the opportunity to assist in procedures and learned how to administer injections.

All the staff at the hospital as well as the staff at the hostel were very friendly and helpful. Our country coordinator was professional and accommodating. Overall, I had a pleasant experience, and learned not only about clinical medicine, but also a lot about Argentina culture. Argentina is a beautiful country and the people here are even more wonderful! If you are open minded you'll have a great experience! -Julie Kim

International Volunteer HQ

IVHQ medical volunteer program

IVHQ provides safe, responsible and quality travel experiences and volunteering opportunities to thousands of volunteers worldwide. It was formed in 2007 and since then has been giving other volunteer abroad companies a run for their money.

International Volunteer HQ Argentina health care volunteer opportunities

This top rated health care volunteer abroad program in Argentina runs in Cordoba city, and seeks to help the impoverished community to improve their health conditions. This project, in collaboration with the local clinics, seeks to help the vulnerable families of poor community to solve minor health issues.

Volunteers are required to help with general medical care, nursing services, first aid activities, vaccinations, dentistry, gynecology, social support, and other minor health service activities. Volunteers will undertake different medical tasks based on the level of their expertise and experience. They must have sound knowledge of Spanish beforehand to ensure a successful placement. This project is available year-round, but only morning shifts may be available during the months of January and February.

International Volunteer HQ Argentina health care volunteer fees

The fee structure of IVHQ includes an affordable registration fee of $279, and program fees starting from $325 for the first week. The registration fee covers IVHQ staff costs, program marketing costs, information pack, administration costs, IVHQ fund, travel costs to inspect programs, communication costs and other in borne costs of IVHQ.

The program fees covers accommodation, meals, airport transfer, orientation, program supervision, in-country volunteer support and in-country administration costs.

International Volunteer HQ Argentina health care volunteer reviews

Former volunteers have been highly impressed with IVHQ’s programs and have positively rated its programs in online reviewing websites like

I joined the program offered by Volunteer HQ. It was great to go into the hospital placement and be able to have a connection with not only the children but also the parents. I remember I once was with a father and his disabled son, and as soon as the kid was having fun and happy playing with me the father ran off to have a shower, do some washing and get lunch. It was such a great feeling to know that you’re not only helping the kids but also helping the parents. -Lori Adelaide, Australia

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COINED medical volunteer program

Started simply as a Spanish school in 1971, COINED later turned into one of the most sought after international volunteer organizations. The strength of COINED lies in its consolidation of personal development, professional and intercultural programs. COINED now has worldwide operations and serves over 4000 volunteers every year.

The projects run by COINED are life changing, and are both reliable and of top quality. Besides exciting volunteering opportunities the company also offers fascinating internship opportunities to those looking to gain some valuable work experience.

COINED Argentina health care volunteer opportunities

In this best and cheap healthcare volunteer abroad project in Argentina offered by COINED volunteers get to choose to participate in areas such as mental health rehabilitation , mentally and physically disabled children, therapeutic recreation, mental health and autism, equine therapy and disability inclusion.

All these projects are based in the cities of Cordoba and Buenos Aires, and focus on disabled children’s health.

The usual tasks undertaken by volunteers include spending time with the disabled children, involving them in recreational and sports activities, providing support to the local staff in their daily chores to handle these disabled children, assisting the care centers in rehabilitation activities and helping improve health conditions of disabled children.

COINED Argentina healthcare volunteer fees

Affordable fee structure is what best defines the volunteering programs of COINED. A minimal registration fee of $75 is required, and the program fees for a two week placement on an Argentina healthcare volunteer work program are $770, rising to $1535 for six weeks. Long term discounts are offered to those volunteers who choose to volunteer for more than 10 weeks. This link contains more information about prices offered by COINED:

COINED Argentina health care volunteer reviews

There are some really nice reviews regarding the volunteering programs offered by COINED. So far, the people who have volunteered through COINED seem happy with what they have been offered by the company in terms of volunteering experience.

I had a fantastic time in Argentina with COINED. I learned a lot and had a great time, I also made friends with the clinic staff, who were very serious and dedicated. I enjoyed my time there. -Axelle - Paris, France

ELI Abroad

ELI healthcare volunteer program

ELI Abroad is a 501(c) company that has runs various projects in over 25 countries. Many people belonging to different age groups and nationalities have participated in the volunteer abroad programs provided by ELI abroad. The company provides volunteering, group trips, youth initiatives and international internships opportunities in various areas related to healthcare and medicine, animal rescue, teaching, business and marketing, human rights, journalism, law and fashion, amongst others.

ELI Abroad Argentina health care volunteer opportunities

Basically designed for pre-medical and medical students, this affordable and top rated healthcare volunteer abroad program in Argentina helps participants to understand the issues and problems the Argentine medical system is facing. Volunteers are placed both in the large public hospitals and a community health center.

Volunteers will join a group of Argentine medical staff, assisting them in their tasks in the local hospitals. Volunteers will also help with administrative tasks, as well as plan and execute workshops on disease prevention campaigns, and general patient care. Volunteers can also choose to work in a center for children affected by HIV.

ELI Abroad Argentina health care volunteer fees

ELI abroad charges minimum fees for all their programs. The registration fee for all programs is $200, which is refundable within 7 days of the application if potential volunteers decide not to participate.

The program fees start from $1190 for a four week placement, and is exclusive of round trip air-fare, visa fee, and return trip to airport, medical insurance, and domestic transportation costs.

ELI Abroad Argentina health care volunteer Reviews

Offering its volunteering abroad programs to a number of volunteers worldwide, ELI Abroad has been able to gain much praise and positive ratings from ex-volunteers and online reviewing websites, being equally appreciated for its top quality and very reasonable program fees.

I traveled to Buenos Aires last summer to be a medical volunteer. My host family and the in-country coordinator were among the nicest, most caring people I’ve ever met. The ELI program was an excellent choice for me and my experience could not have been any better. As far as the medical part goes, I saw and participated in things that I've never seen here. I helped deliver babies, helped stitch injured patients, administered shots, and helped fix and cast broken bones (and I have no formal medical experience). The medical issues they face there are obviously different than from where I'm from, and it was really interesting to see the differences in medical treatment. -Alex

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Frontier gap medical volunteer program

Established in 1989, Frontier is a non-profit and non-governmental organization involved in conservation and development related works. The company devotes itself in safeguarding biodiversity and ecosystem, and making the livelihood of marginalized communities in over 50 countries sustainable.

Frontier Argentina healthcare volunteer opportunities

One of the most popular healthcare volunteer abroad projects in Argentina, this program is best suited to those who are practitioners or students of medicine .Mainly focusing on preventive medicine and the promotion of healthcare in Buenos Aires, this project helps medical volunteers to closely observe the medical system of Argentina while helping the marginalized community to make their health conditions better.

As a volunteer you will be required to carry out medical duties within the local hospitals or clinics, and create awareness regarding important health issues among Argentine people living in poor communities. You will also be able to observe and take part in medical practices in the country, and engage in day-to-day activities in local hospitals and clinics.

Frontier Argentina health care volunteer fees

The main principle of Frontier is to serve the needs and interests of its partners and volunteers, which is achieved by delivering the best quality opportunities at reasonable prices. Frontier charges no registration fee, and a two week program costs $1643, rising to $2393 for four weeks. The program fee is exclusive of flights, insurance, visa costs and return transfer to the airport.

Frontier Argentina health care volunteer reviews

With plenty of good comments and feedbacks in its account, Frontier finds itself among the best volunteering abroad companies in the world. Past volunteers and the online reviewing websites like have been appreciative of what Frontier offers.

An absolutely amazing experience volunteering on the medical project in Buenos Aires. It was an extremely well organized project which completely surpassed all my expectations. I would recommend this project highly, and will without a doubt be joining more Frontier projects in the future. -Alica

Other Highly Reviewed Healthcare Abroad Opportunities in Argentina

Company Reg. Fee
Projects Abroad Go Overseas : 301 reviews
Go Abroad : 113 reviews
Volunteer Forever : 133 reviews
Trust Pilot : 224 reviews
Connect123  Go Overseas : 76 reviews
Go Abroad : 36 reviews
Mente Argentina  Go Overseas : 8 reviews
Go Abroad : 6 reviews
Travellers Worldwide Go Overseas : 53 reviews
Go Abroad : 1 review
Voluntario Global Go Overseas : 14 reviews
Volunteer Forever : 2 reviews
Child Family Health International Go Abroad : 30 reviews
Volunteer Forever : 12 reviews
Go Overseas : 10 reviews
Great Non Profits : 111 reviews
African Impact Go Overseas : 85 reviews
Go Abroad : 390 reviews
Volunteer Forever : 13 reviews
South America Inside Go Overseas : 1 review
API Go Overseas : 226 reviews
Go Abroad : 192 reviews
Travelers Worldwide Go Overseas : 53 reviews
Go Abroad : 1 review
Connecting Worlds Go Overseas : 2 reviews
Go Abroad : 1 review
South America Inside Go Overseas : 1 review


Now that you have read the article and have formed a general idea about the kind of organizations that are running the best cheap healthcare volunteer projects in Argentina, we hope that you will be able to decide for yourself the program that best suits your time, budget and interests.

We sincerely believe that choosing any healthcare volunteer abroad opportunities listed in this article will give you the best volunteering experience, something that you can cherish for a lifetime. Happy volunteering!

Those interested in other volunteering programs in Argentina can refer to the following links:

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