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Global Crossroad Reviews

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Global Crossroads is the fastest growing international organization that offers volunteer vacations. They are based in Dallas, TX and have been registered since 2003. Global Crossroads has programs in 18 countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America working with the poor communities and children. They have placed more than 20,000 happy volunteers. Global Crossroad strives to provide all volunteers with a lasting experience while having the opportunity to explore exotic places and being immersed in culture.

Global Crossroad is unique because they offer programs for all age groups, from high school and college students to entire families. Programs are 2 to 4 weeks long working with orphaned children, poor local people, or women’s groups. You will work with qualified staff in the field, have an in-country coordinator, and stay with a host family during your trip. If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity to surround yourself with culture, visit Global Crossroad, read the reviews, and see the unique opportunities available.

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