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Internship in Australia: PractiGo Offers Internship Programs in Brisbane, Australia


Street Address:

PractiGo Offers Internship Programs in Brisbane, Australia

Dates of Program
Flexible Date
Both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
18 - 30 Years
Project Review

To gain an internship in Australia in a specific field of work can be a troublesome task for anyone trying to organise this themselves. This is mainly because most Australian companies are new to the idea of internships.

As you can see there are many opportunities for internships-4U to arrange an internship for you in Brisbane.

Major Responsibilities

Fields of work: accounting, administration, advertising, architecture, assistant teacher, charity organisations, clerical, communication, education, engineering, environmental protection, event management, fashion, finance, graphics design, hotel, human resources, import/export, IT, journalism, law, logistics, marketing, media, museum, music industry, public relations, real estate, retail, social work, sport, tourism, trade , others upon request.

Once the field is finalized and applicants are accepted by respective organizations, detailed job responsibilities will be known.

Cost/Program Fee
Euro 395 - Euro 1795
What program fee Includes

What's Included:

  • Enrolment fee
  • Organisation
  • 7-12 weeks
  • 13-20 weeks
  • 21-26 weeks
Skills/ Qualifications

Skills or Qualifications:

  • High school graduates, working people, university graduates, students
Arrangements for Room/Food

Arrangements of Room and Food :

  • Host Family,In a Australia family, you have the opportunity to improve your language skills in a family atmosphere and to closely experience Australia culture.
  • Shared Flat,Rooms in a shared apartment: The occupants share a fully equipped apartment with kitchen, bathroom, living room, and are self-catering. Prices plus power and water use.
Any Missing Important Information

Important Iinformation:
Before starting your internship they need proof of your health insurance, personal/public liability insurance and your accident insurance. At least 4 months before the scheduled start of the internship. In some cases they may be able to organise your internship faster. If it’s urgent, just call: +49(0)421-43 77 28-0

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