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Internship in Australia: Professional Work Experience Internship in Sydeny and Melbourne

Travellers Worldwide

Street Address:
17/19 Goring Road
United Kingdom

Professional Work Experience Internship in Sydeny and Melbourne

Sydeny, Melbourne
Dates of Program
Flexible Date
Both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
18 years
Project Review

With our Professional Internships in Sydney and Melbourne, rarely are two placements ever the same! Each placement is professionally matched and specifically tailored between you and your host organisation. During your application, we will guide you and liaise with you to ascertain exactly what your specifics are and what you hope to achieve on your work experience, to ensure achieve the very best out of your internship. Through our partner organisation in Australia, we arrange internships for international students and graduates. These internships are custom-designed in a large range of fields. Learn the fundamentals of working in a specialised field associated with your study. We are also able to arrange internships in a wide range of sectors for gap year students who have not yet begun their studies at university. This is an ideal (and often unique) opportunity to get real-life, hands-on experience in the field that you've chosen to make your career.

Major Responsibilities

For more information about the major Job Responsibilities of Interns please email us:

Cost/Program Fee
Contact the Organization
What program fee Includes

What's included: You'll also be provided with a social network so that you get the most out of your stay in Australia, thus you'll have access to organised social events and excursions which will give you opportunities to meet other interns. The following is included in your programme:

  • Arrangement of your professional internship
  • Meeting you at the airport.
  • Evaluation at the internship according to your requirements and/or your university requirements.
  • Orientation on your first day (Friday), followed by the weekend to explore before starting your Internship on Monday. This session is compulsory and introduces you to our partner consultancy and the city, and informs you about what to do in the city, banking, transportation, etc, and also about what to expect from your internship.
  • Social activities See Social Activities section.
  • Assistance with permanent good accommodation (see Accommodation Section below)
  • Support for students needing written reports about their experiences for their universities or employers.
  • 24/7 Emergency assistance
  • Constant monitoring procedures to ensure the quality of the internship remains high.
  • Weekly intern newsletters, trips and networking functions. This newsletter updates you on events happening in your city each week, news
Skills/ Qualifications

For more information about Skills or Qualifications needed please email us:

Arrangements for Room/Food

Arrangements of Room and Food: Food and accommodation is not included in this programme, so you will need to budget for this.  However, we do have a range of accommodation options for you to choose from. We've listed them below with an indication of the prices. Our partners in Australia (PA) will make the necessary bookings and arrangements for your accommodation, once they've spoken to you in order to ascertain what your preferences are.

Any Missing Important Information

Important Iinformation:

  • Please note that Travellers is not an employment agency
  • We are also not a travel agency and we can't control timetables and schedules of airlines, trains, etc. (unfortunately!) - although we wish we could! So please take heed of the section entitled What you Need above!
  • Our managers and organisers overseas will do everything they can to help you with additional things like sightseeing and suggesting places to eat and shop and tourist attractions to visit.

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