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Internship in India: Community Development Project in Cambodia

IFRE Volunteers

Street Address:
8500 N Stemmons Frwy #5030 K
United States

Community Development Project in Cambodia

Phnom Penh , Pursat and Kampot provinces
Dates of Program
1 and 3 Monday of each Month
both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
18 Years+
Project Review

Cambodia is a developing country with a painful and strife-filled history. Presently, many local Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) have been organizing various community development projects in many areas of community development such as education, women's development, peace/justice, and children development. All of these organizations aim to rectify the existing, social-crippling situations in Cambodia focusing on the reconstruction of the country and its communities. IFRE's volunteer program in Cambodia collaborates with many local NGOs and supports their efforts of community development.

As a volunteer in our Cambodia Community Development project, you'll work in various community development projects based on your previous experience and skills. The nature of the job varies with the type of local project. This program would is the perfect choice for those desiring real hands-on experience while working in developing country while simultaneously honing their personal, career-based/oriented skills pertaining to international development agencies.

Major Responsibilities

IFRE works in conjunction with numerous NGOs in various areas which focus on community development. In effect, the nature of the job varies with the type of project. IFRE customizes projects based on the experience and interest of volunteers. For instance, a law student is able to help a community apply for their land rights; an English-writer with skills in development is able to provide assistance in writing reports and proposals for fundraisers; an engineer can help develop a plan for infrastructure development/improvement. Furthermore, volunteers possessing skills in land-planning/distribution can offer their assistance in establishing land and fishery communities in the Pursat province. In summary, your duties depend on your skills, experiences, qualifications and current needs of the project at the time of participants. All volunteers are encouraged to be proactive and flexible.

Cost/Program Fee
US $1919 (12 Weeks)
What program fee Includes

What's Included in Program Fee?

  • Food (3 Meals a day)
  • Accommodation
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  • Emergency Hot Line - 24/7/365 from any part of the world
  • Airport Welcome
  • In country Transportation
  • Country Coordinator Support
  • Thoroughly researched and personalized projects
  • SAFE Volunteer Placement
  • Volunteer Care and Other Services
  • Emergency support
  • Certificate of Appreciation/Completion
  • Fund Raising Ideas

Additional Costs for Volunteers

  • International and domestic flights
  • Passport and visa extension
  • Personal expenses on food ($50 aprx. per week)
  • Water/soft drinks ($1-3 per day)
  • Entertainment,& laundry
  • Telephone
  • Immunization
Skills/ Qualifications

There are no specific qualifications required for community development in Cambodia . However, volunteers need to have an interest in and be enthusiastic about community works and projects. Volunteers are expected to be flexible and patient.

Arrangements for Room/Food

IFRE arranges room, meals, and supervision for volunteer for the entire duration of the program. Depending upon the location of the project, volunteers will either stay in a hostel or with a host family. The families are very friendly and hospitable and look forward to learning more about the volunteer's culture and country . Whether you live in a hostel or host family, IFRE manages clean but simple accommodations within a separate room (occasionally shared with other volunteers), shared bathroom with cold water and a fan . IFRE also manages 3 local meals a day. Usually, volunteers have breakfast in either a small restaurant, with host families, or at work. IFRE manages Cambodian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some volunteers have lunch at the orphanage. In the case of the volunteer having special eating requirements (e.g. as a vegetarian or vegan), we would recommend staying in a guest house, as meat is the basis of most Cambodian meals.

Any Missing Important Information

In Cambodia, volunteers must work minimum 3 weeks in community work project and 4 weeks in NGO project.

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