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Internship in Program: International Business Internship Program in Spain

Adelante Abroad

Street Address:
101 Main Street, Suite B
United States

International Business Internship Program in Spain

Marbella and San Pedro
Dates of Program
Flexible Dates
Both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
18+ Years
Project Review

This area of the Costa del Sol is known as the Golden Mile where beaches meet large, luxurious Urbanizations, the streets are wider and everything is a bit newer than in other parts of Spain. Money flows here at a more international level with inhabitants from literally all over the world living here either full time or part of each year. But there still is the Casco Viejo area and the Spanish traditions such as siesta time during the middle of the day that make this appealing to those looking for "typical Spanish" too. Like our other programs in Madrid, Barcelona Sevilla and Jerez de la Frontera, you will greatly upgrade your resume, learn another language and live, deeply, another culture while a participant in this program.

Major Responsibilities

This internship can take place in many sectors, including Real Estate, Import / Export, Fashion, Medical, Travel and more. The principal job duties in these internships will be to create and execute new business strategies, cultural programs, educational / advocacy programs, new products or services; and to assist in bettering the existing processes. Spain maintains business relations with different European, American, African and Asian countries, which provides an appropriate backdrop to do a variety of things during an internship in this field.

Cost/Program Fee
Contact the Organization
What program fee Includes

To know more about what the cost fee covers and doesn't,  please contact the organization at

Skills/ Qualifications

No specific skills are required but the intern must be flexible, helpful, motivative and eager to learn new culture.

Arrangements for Room/Food

To know about the arrangements of room and food , please contact the organization at

Any Missing Important Information

Refund Policy: If you cancel your participation in the program 45 days prior to your start date or earlier, you will receive a 100% refund of the program fee. If you cancel 30 - 45 days prior to your start date, you will receive a 50% refund. If you cancel 0 - 30 days prior to your start date, there will be 0% refund as well as if you cancel at any time following your arrival in Spain. The $100 application fee is non-refundable.

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