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Language Abroad Programs, Reviews and Deals

AmeriSpan Study Abroad

Street Address:
1334 Walnut St., 6th Fl.
United States

Study Spanish Language in Mendoza, Argentina

Dates of Program
Any Monday
Both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
18 Years +
Project Review

This course describes the most common Spanish classes offered at our Mendoza language school in Argentina. In addition, we provide information about other Mendoza Spanish programs, courses and options that are available in Argentina. The school is downtown, just one block away from the city's main avenue, Avenida San Martin, and within five minutes walking of a popular pedestrian area. In addition to 5 comfortable classrooms, the school offers a video and audio room, internet access for students, a small dining room and an outside area for barbeques. Capacity is 150 students/day.

Major Responsibilities
Cost/Program Fee
Please contact an AmeriSpan representative for details.
What program fee Includes

The Program Fee Excludes:

  • Airfare
  • Visas
  • Departure taxes and other minor "out-of-pocket" expenses (bus fare, entrance fees, etc.)

For detail information on cost, contact the organization at

Skills/ Qualifications

No specific skills or qualification are required but the candidates need to have good communication skills and should be cooperative. 

Arrangements for Room/Food

Room & Food: If you choose to take language classes, your language immersion program usually includes a homestay component. During your placement you may be assigned to a homestay or more likely to alternative accommodations. Some of the non-homestay arrangements include meals, but most do not include any meals. For those arrangements that include just breakfast or no meals, kitchen facilities are generally available. For most programs, plan to arrive to your lodging on the day before your program begins and depart on the day after the placement is completed. You can usually extend your accommodations a few days before or after classes for an additional fee. For more information in room and food, contact the organization at

Any Missing Important Information

Refund Policies: The one-time registration fee ($100) and all other monies paid to AmeriSpan are fully refundable for any reason up to 2 weeks prior to your scheduled arrival date.  If you cancel with less than 2 weeks’ notice you will receive a refund (excluding registration fee) less a 25% penalty. You will be entitled to no refund after the program starts. If you combine two or more sites to create a multi-country/city program, no money will be refunded once the first program has begun. If you cancel a program due to a personal emergency and you notify AmeriSpan in writing, we will review your claim and may issue a partial refund.

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