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Rustic Volunteer and Travel Reviews

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Rustic Volunteer and Travels is a leading international volunteer company whose focus is on connecting volunteers to projects around the world. They have 6 years’ experience with over 7000 volunteers that have helped in over 18 countries. Rustic Volunteer and Travel has programs in over 20 countries that include Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Their programs are affordable and very memorable and can range from 1 week to 12 weeks and longer, if you desire. Rustic Volunteer and Travel has a unique approach to their program because they are honest and the money you pay goes directly to the people who need it most. With your program, Rustic Volunteer gives you a personal advisory team abroad, a complete information booklet, on-site orientation, 3 different types of medical insurance (most medical expenses, emergency evacuation and 24-hour medical attention), and dedication. They stay in contact with you during your trip and each program is tailored to fit your needs.

Rustic Volunteer and Travel’s mission is to bring about humanitarian volunteer programs all around the world while partnering with schools, orphanages, NGO’s, and impoverished communities in hopes to improve the lives of the children and poor people. Rustic Volunteer has opportunities to teach English, work in an orphanage, medical and health projects, community development projects, and eco and elephant conservation programs. If you would like to learn more or apply today, please go to Rustic Volunteer and Travel’s website for more information and to read or write a review.

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