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Study Spanish in beutiful Manuel Antonio and Immerse Yourself !!

All our teachers are carefully chosen and have several years of experience in Spanish language instruction. We are prepared to maximize your time here with activities and exercises that reflect your…

Learn Spanish and Colombian Guitar Program

Music is an enormous part of Colombian culture no more so than in Ibagué the Cuidad de Music (City of Music). This programs works with local teachers to give students a…

Opportunity to Study Buddhism and to be Ordained as Monk in Thailand

Twenty-five years ago, a revered Thai monk founded this Buddhist temple to provide foreigners with an opportunity to study Buddhism and to be ordained as monks in a rural setting in Thailand, but without…

Hands-on Introduction to European Culture at Salzburg College

The program begins with a one-week academic field trip through Germany that provides a hands-on introduction to European culture as well as an opportunity to meet the other students. The trip includes…

Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Program with AEI in Kelowna, Canada

We offer a wide variety of programs to suit all of your needs. One of the course that you can choose is our Wine and Spirit Education Trust Program. Wine and Spirit Education Trust® programs are…

PAU Preparation and University Placement Course in Spain with ENFOREX

This course is specifically tailored to the needs of students who are looking to study at University in Spain, who need to improve their Spanish knowledge sufficiently and prepare themselves to pass…

BA English Language and Linguistics

Where did English come from? How is it related to other European, Middle-Eastern and Indian languages? In what ways has English diverged from its closest relatives and why? How did English become the…

French Language & Culture 1 Year Program

The Language and Culture program at the University Paul Cézanne Aix – Marseille III is designed for students who are interested in studying French language and culture while experiencing…

Dublin Semester Program

Irish Culture and Society:
Irish Culture and Society is an interdisciplinary, team-taught course that examines Irish culture and society through readings, lectures and field experiences. …

American University of Sharjah Direct Enrollment

Students may choose to begin their Arabic language and cultural studies in our summer program at the University of Seville in Andalucia, Southern Spain – one of the last major strongholds of…

Semester Study Abroad Program in Sydney

At CISabroad we are COMMITTED to giving you the best value in study abroad. When comparing programs, take into account ALL of our features: affordability, support, cultural immersion and academic…

Chiang Mai, Thailand Semester Yearlong Program

The following courses are designed to familiarize you with the region and help complete requirements for other disciplines. This list of courses is subject to minor changes; course availability is…

CELL Eco-Village Project


CELL is partnering with Solheimar , an eco-village of about 100 people renowned for its international, artistic, and ecological atmosphere. Solheimar is the first self-sufficient community…

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