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Study Abroad in Argentina

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Argentina Study Abroad Programs

Find hundreds of study programs in Argentina, offered by a wide variety of providers. Contact them directly, read reviews, and more.

Summer Program in Mendoza, Argentina

The Study Abroad Program in Mendoza, Argentina was established in 1992. The program is hosted by the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Students earn six credits for coursework completed in Mendoza.  Students…

Buenos Aires Semester / Trimester Program in Argentina

Students have the option of taking up to five classes from two general categories. All students participating in the Courses with Argentines program must take at least one course with Argentines.This…

Study Abroad in Argentina

Argentina is one of the most captivating countries in South America. The country stretches from the Tropic of Capricorn in the North to the icy waters of Cape Horn. Between these extremes, the Andes…

Beginning and Intermediate Spanish Program

The IES Abroad Buenos Aires Beginning & Intermediate program offers you area studies courses in English in a wide range of disciplines, including Anthropology, Business, Film Studies, History,…

Buenos Aires Study Abroad Program

Arte Argentino Contemporáneo,After a brief overview of the main artistic movements of the 19th century, this course goes on to consider the socio-cultural changes occurring roughly between 1900…

Cultural and Spanish Language Immersion in Argentina’s Historic Capital

This is a second-year-level course in Spanish language and Latin American culture, with a focus on Argentina. The goal of the course is to quickly move students toward fluency in Spanish using Spanish…

Argentina: Regional Integration, Development, and Social Change

In this comparative study abroad program, students can rapidly improve their Spanish while exploring the current economic and social realities and integration efforts of the countries making up the…

Study Abroad at Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina

The university offers courses and degrees in: Economics, Business Administration, Psychology, Education, Political Sciences, International Relations, Journalism, Advertisement, Law, Agriculture, Engineering,…

Argentina Study Abroad Programs

Experience exciting cities and beautiful locales, vibrant culture, and fascinating social and economic dynamics in Argentina. This country immerses you in the rich culture of South America, but with…

Study at the University of Palermo (UP)

Study at the University of Palermo (UP) and immerse yourself in the culture and language of Argentina. UP is located in Buenos Aires - the most European of all Latin American cities. With its wide…

Experience Argentina Study Abroad Program

The KIIS summer program in Argentina provides students with an opportunity to explore the landscapes and culture of one of the largest Spanish-speaking countries in the world. Argentina is a country…

From Tango to Techno: Music and Culture in the Global City

This program is designed to give musicians and non-musicians an introduction to the music and culture of Latin America. Buenos Aires is one of the largest Latin American cities, with a vibrant cultural…

Argentina Cultural Studies Program (Summer)

Courses focus on Argentine culture, journalism, politics, and literature, and include discussion of recent literary and intellectual developments. An internship course includes placements in cultural…

Latin American History and its Literary Representation(Summer)

The emphasis of this month-long course will be on the study of 20th century Latin American history and its representation in major literary works. The analysis of literary texts will be based on recent…

Study Abroad Guides and EBook

Our free guides and eBooks help you every step in your study abroad journey. Download as many guides and eBooks as you like FREE!

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