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Argentina is one of the few tourist attractions in South America that offers so much variety in terms of its topographical features. It has the deserts and plains of Patagonia, the red mountains of Salta, the rainforests of Missiones and the snow covered mountains – the Andes. The Tierra del Fuego, also referred to as the Land of Fire is a must visit for its rich beauty. You can enjoy hiking by the lush green forests and lakes of Argentina or enjoy the urban life of Buenos Aires. Volunteering in Argentina is an effective way to explore all these attractions and get a chance to visit this beautiful country.

All the volunteers’ review claim that volunteering is simply the best way to visit Argentina. There are many volunteer deals in Argentina such as teaching English, working in orphanages, working for local nonprofits or supporting healthcare projects.

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Latin American Studies Semester Program at University of Belgrano

The University of Maryland , United States

The Latin American Studies program is designed for students at all levels of the Spanish language, who have an interest in political, social, economic, and cultural aspects of Argentina. The courses…

Politics Studies of Globalization

The University of Maryland , United States

Students spend three weeks in Argentina studying the politics of Argentina and broader Latin America in the global context, as well as gaining an understanding of the local culture. To foster a sense…

Enroll at Legal Dimensions of Doing Business in Latin America Program

DePaul University College of Law , United States

One of the world’s liveliest cities, Buenos Aires is an extraordinary blend of Latin American charm and European elegance shaped by centuries of Italian and Spanish culture. As the capital of…

Spanish Language and Argentine Culture Studies Program

University of Wisconsin Madison , United States

Offered through the Institute for Study Abroad-Butler University (IFSA-Butler), the Argentine Universities Program (AUP) is co-sponsored by UW-Madison. AUP allows you great academic flexibility in…

Spring Semester Study Abroad Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina

College of Charleston Center for International Education , United States

The College of Charleston Spring semester study abroad program in Buenos Aires, Argentina is designed for students who major or minor in Spanish, or who are interested in earning up to 12 credit hours…

Program of Argentine and Latin American Studies in University of Belgrano

The University of Arizona , United States

Program of Argentine and Latin American Studies, also known as the PALAS program at the Universidad de Belgrano, are 14 independent courses, 45 hs each, in 15 weeks. PALAS offers a wide range of knowledge…

Join LACC Political Science and International Relations Argentina Summer Program

Florida International University , United States

LACC’s Politics & International Relations in Argentina study abroad program is an intensive fourweek program designed to foster an understanding of Latin American international relations…

Study Educational Seminars: Argentina Administrator Exchange Program

American Councils for International Education ACTR ACCELS , United States

The Argentina Administrator Exchange Program is a short-term, mutual exchange opportunity for U.S. and Argentina school administrators that is fully funded by the Bureau of Educational Affairs (ECA),…

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