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Study Abroad in Brazil

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Brazil Study Abroad Programs

Find hundreds of study programs in Brazil, offered by a wide variety of providers. Contact them directly, read reviews, and more.

Study Abroad in S√£o Paulo with American Institute

Portuguese language is required. The Portuguese language courses in FAAP offer the opportunity of language learning in different contexts. Culture, history, geography and current themes are some of…

Brazil Semester Study Abroad Program

Our Brazil semester will take you to its three most enigmatic areas: Bahia, the Amazon, and Rio de Janeiro. You'll volunteer at an organic farm, work with kids in one of Rio's infamous favelas ("shanty…

Florianópolis Semester / Trimester Study Abroad

This Program offers students international economics and cultural studies courses taught in English. Course topics include studies on ethnicity and society, consumer behavior, global economy, and contemporary…

Study Abroad in Brazil in ELI

Rio de Janeiro, the Amazon, samba, Bossa Nova, Carnival…Brazil is famous for it's spicy culture, booming economy, and world class beaches as far as the eye can see!  It's the 5th largest…

Study Portuguese and Brazilian Culture in Macei

Study Portuguese and Brazilian culture in the beach town of Maceio. Programs are offered year-around, and all levels are available: beginner – advanced. In addition, there are extra classes offered…

The Study of Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture

In this second-year-level course in Brazilian culture and Portuguese language, students participate in language sessions and instructional excursions, and experience Brazilian film and popular music,…

Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture Program

Study Portuguese language in Brazil with Towson University in Summer 2012. This program will allow students to begin or enhance their Portuguese language skills and experience the local culture. Participants…

Brazilian Literature, Culture and the Arts Program

This program will introduce students to the Literature, Culture and the Arts of Brazil (music, painting, architecture, film, and dance) from the 17th to the 20th century. During our four-week stay…

Politics in Contemporary Brazil: The Role of Civil Society and NGOs

The program will explore the complex relationship between civil society and cultural politics in contemporary Brazil with a focus on human rights, grass-root social movements, art and culture, and…

Maceio Independent Teen Brazil Teenager Study Abroad Program

Originally colonized by Portugal, Brazil is by far the largest country in South America. It is a country diverse in culture, landscape, and style. The country is covered by dense Amazon rainforest…

Art & Culture Program in Brazil

Music, Colonial Architecture, Afro-Brazilian studies, and Capoeira: combining lectures, discussions, and readings with a 10 day trip to Brazil, this course will provide students with a unique opportunity…

Race and Higher Education in Brazil, S√£o Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador

We will begin with an historical overview then move to an analysis of contemporary issues. Students will gain an understanding of the variety of higher education institutions in Brazil (large/small,…

Afro-Brazilian Culture and Popular Brazilian Music Program

Temple University in Brazil: Afro-Brazilian Culture and Popular Brazilian Music provides exceptional educational opportunities for undergraduate students of African-American studies, Latin American…

Study Global Environmental Change: Conserving the Amazon and the Great Lakes

Experience Brazil together with Brazilian students and faculty: the cool modernist architecture of Brasilia, the wide plains of the Cerrado and the vast, yet fragile, beauty of the Amazon rainforest.…

Study Abroad Program in Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado

FAAP offers small classes and individualized programs. ISEP students are welcome to attend and combine courses in all fields of study provided they have the appropriate level of Portuguese and preparation…

Join in Brazil Semester High School Program, Spring Departure

Take off to Brazil for an unforgettable semester in South America! While living with a host family, you will attend a local high school and learn about the Brazilian way of life.Attending either a…

Study Abroad Program at Brazil and Cuba

We now offer something a little different: the chance to learn about Brazilian and Cuban cultures without leaving home! Dr. Greg Landau of the Latin American and Latino/a Studies Department teaches…

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