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Study Abroad in Greece: Humanities Study Abroad Program In Athens


AHA International

Street Address:
70 NW Couch Street, Suite 242
United States

Humanities Study Abroad Program In Athens

Dates of Program
Contact the Organization
Age Restrictions
18 Years+
Project Review

Typically students enroll in 2-3 courses in addition to the Modern Greek Language Course.  Actual credit awarded is determined by the relevant department at your university in consultation with the study abroad office.Classical Greek Drama,we will walk through local theaters and examine the layout and see how it functions in the plays,we will study the purpose of Greek theater, as formulated by Aristotle and other great Greek thinkers,we will examine the symbolism of the masks, chorus, and other innovations that define Greek theater,we will analyze what values and psychology the plays reveal.And we will go to the theater.Creating Impressions of Greece,This course concentrates on creating images of Greece through various media including, but not limited to, pencil, ink, pastels, collage, watercolor, photography and mixed media. The primary emphasis is to develop a strong and disciplined sense of observation. Students will keep a sketchbook/journal as a record of their observations and impressions of Greece throughout the semester. Techniques of bookbinding will be demonstrated and, as a final project, each student will create a unique artist's book focusing on an aspect of Greek culture. Students will become familiar with contemporary Greek art through class visits to galleries and museums in Athens. This course is for the beginner, as well as the student with some experience in art.Ethnoarchaeology in Greece: Anthropology and Archaeology,This course concerns the study of contemporary culture for improving our understanding of the archaeological record and past human lifeways. It focuses on relationships between anthropology and archaeology to understand how archaeologists study the past, and also to determine how archaeologists can effectively study material culture in a living context. Archaeologists can make direct observations of present-day cultural behavior as it is reflected in the things that people actually produce, use, and then discard, such as pottery and tools, as well as where and how people live, for example, their housing and subsistence. Selected archaeologically- and ethnographically-known peoples from Greece, the Pacific, and other world areas will be considered in order to provide details of ethnoarchaeological study of hunter-gatherer, pastoral and agricultural subsistence. Case studies from Greece include ones from the Aegean, Thrace, and Peloponnese areas.

Major Responsibilities
Cost/Program Fee
USD 11,820
What program fee Includes

What's Included:
AHA Center programs are designed to include many of your on-site expenses.  Housing, tuition, orientation and a variety of excursions are included in every program.  Everything in the list below is included in your AHA program fee:

  • Tuition
  • Excursions
  • Housing in shared apartments
  • Books and course materials
  • Medical insurance
  • International Student Identity Card
  • On-site orientation
  • Expert support pre-departure and on-site
Skills/ Qualifications
Arrangements for Room/Food
Any Missing Important Information

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