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Study Abroad in Greece: Study Abroad in Paros Island, Greece


Athena Study Abroad

Street Address:
73 Mill Street, Suite B
United States

Study Abroad in Paros Island, Greece

Paros Island
Dates of Program
Contact the Organization
Age Restrictions
18 Years+
Project Review

All Athena students will have their Greek coursework reported on an official US accredited transcript from Athena's school of record partner, Chapman University. The course codes below reflect the codes that will appear on your official US accredited transcript at the end of your term abroad.This course aims to further the understanding of painting by studying such elements as light, color, composition & texture. There will be expanded practice in the basic concepts of painting, exploring it through a variety of approaches, media, processes and experimentation. The class will develop the student's understanding of developing a painting both physically as well as conceptually. The student will be exposed to different genres of the vocabulary of painting, from the traditional objective through the non-objective. Class trips to museums, islands, villages will help students learn not only about past Greek art, but also will become a way to learn about contemporary Greek life, art, music, and passion for life. The teacher will help students channel these new experiences into inspired and searching paintings.This studio course is designed for students who have a solid grounding in drawing and painting, in both the theory and practical aspects of visual art, and who want to develop and produce a researched and coherent body of work. The course will help students develop work which addresses in an incisive and in-depth manner the fundamental plastic properties of 2D art as well as the theoretical, aesthetic issues painters face today.� Students will be encouraged to develop a personal point of view fusing an exploration and understanding of methods and materials with a philosophical, aesthetic position. The importance of research and development, leading to in-depth studio work, will also be emphasized, as will an understanding of the differences and similarities between North American and European contemporary art and culture, plus how American students in Europe are influenced by and position themselves within that polarization in the case of Study Abroad students. Prior art theory and/or art history course/s or the Theories of Art class at HISA is a prerequisite.The objective of this course is to give an in-depth understanding of the great feminine divinities of Ancient Greece and of what they might represent, for the ancients as well as for ourselves in the 21st century. Many of the notions and concepts that are relevant to the Greek goddesses will be studied. In particular, participants of the course will question how the notion of the feminine has been constructed and translated through myth, and review both the speculative and historical record of the shift from worship of the Goddess over time to sky-god, patriarchal religion/s. In order to do that, coursework will examine works of art and literature that deal with the different aspects of the Goddess, not simply her displacement, but the different ways she is portrayed and referenced – both positively and negatively. A great part of the course lectures are centered around Classical Greece, aimed at taking advantage of the location in which students are studying. An attempt is made to cover a certain sweep of eras and countries to give an indication of how various and profoundly omni-present is the idea of the female Deity.This course is designed to move the student forward from undergraduate film survey into a close analysis of the work of four important directors of differing national traditions and with different focus and historical significance: Federico Fellini, Alfred Hitchcock, Eric Rohmer, and Luis Bunel. Individual selected films and oeuvres as a whole are considered for their cinematic concerns as well as influence on other filmmakers in order to give the student a strong sense of the significance of each auteur within the scope of film history as well as within an intellectual, social, and technical context. Filmmakers will be discussed in terms of their own development as well, and attention will be given to genre and the evolution of critical approaches to their work.� Analysis, group discussions, and individual student presentations will accompany each film, along with readings from course texts.

Major Responsibilities
Cost/Program Fee
USD 11,350
What program fee Includes

What's Included?

  •     Tuition
  •     Private accommodation
  •     Inter-island boat travel for excursions
  •     Cultural excursions (standard trips to Delos, Myconos, Naxos, Santorini and Anti-Paros)
  •     Museum and site fees
  •     Basic texts and supplies
  •     Studio and lab fees
  •     Festive dinners
  •     On-site orientation
  •     Services of an on-site Resident Director
  •     Internet services (including WiFi for laptops)
  •     Arrangement of airport pickup by personal driver (student is responsible for actual cost of ride)
  •     Athens hotel pickup and guide to ferry
  •     Pre-departure guide
  •     Online account management
  •     Coordination of alumni contact
  •     Health insurance from HTH Worldwide, a global leader in international health insurance
  •     Official U.S. accredited transcript from Chapman University
  •     Contribution to a world charity through Students Offering Support (S.O.S.), the charitable arm of Athena
  •     Unparalleled personalized service
Skills/ Qualifications
Arrangements for Room/Food
Any Missing Important Information

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