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Study Abroad in Greece: Study About Archaeology of Ancient Greece in Athens, Greece


University of Wisconsin Madison

Street Address:
United States

Study About Archaeology of Ancient Greece in Athens, Greece

Dates of Program
Contact The Organization
Age Restrictions
18 Years +
Project Review

The University of Wisconsin-Madison works with Penn State University to offer students an exciting program in Athens, Greece. The Athens Centre, located near the Acropolis and other major archaeological sites of the city, is the headquarters for the Athens program. Founded in 1969 as the Athens Centre for Creative Arts, this Greek non-profit organization sponsors academic and cultural activities. It schedules programs for Athens residents throughout the year in the fields of Greek Studies, fine arts, and the performing arts; and since 1977 it has offered courses in Modern Greek language to foreigners living and working in Athens. The Athens program is open to students of all majors; however, it is particularly appropriate for students majoring in speech communication, philosophy, classics, or history.The program is a fifteen-week interdisciplinary program with faculty from both the Athens Centre and Penn State University. Course work involves both classroom activity and visits to a number of important archaeological sites and museums through field trips around Athens and to various parts of Greece. All instruction is in English, although a required course in Modern Greek emphasizes the use of this language. Students take courses with other program participants. Courses on the program provide students with insight into Greek culture and civilization from ancient times to the present.

Major Responsibilities
Cost/Program Fee
USD 6,250 - USD 22,000
What program fee Includes

What's included:

  • Non-Residents
  • Airfare
  • Meals
  • Books and Supplies
  • Local Travel
  • Personal/Miscellaneous
  • Pre-Departure Expenses
Skills/ Qualifications
Arrangements for Room/Food
Any Missing Important Information

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