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Study Abroad in India: Study Abroad Semester


Carpe Diem Education

Street Address:
710 N. Alberta St., Portland, OR, 97217
United States

Study Abroad Semester

Throughout India
Dates of Program
Flexible Dates
Both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
18 Years +
Project Review

When you study abroad in India with us, you’ll spend 3 months traversing the diverse ecological and spiritual landscape of the Himalayas, the Indus River Valley and the birthplace of 3 major world religions. Experience how these diverse belief systems live and work side by side in tolerance as you, too, live and work alongside them. Challenge your engagement with your own life as you volunteer with your group at the Mother Teresa Home for the Destitute in Calcutta, experience first-hand the burning ghats of Varanasi, and live with Tibetan families in the hometown of the Dalai Lama. Participate in internships of your choice in art, music, language, yoga, meditation or whatever else interests you. Finally, learn the skills of developing country travel in the safety and support of a group setting. If you are fascinated by the thought of some of the oldest religions and cultures in the world, our India study abroad semester will challenge and enrich you beyond your wildest imagination. India is a vast subcontinent that is made even more vast by the sheer diversity of its coexisting cultures. To experience the true depth and breadth of this country would take a lifetime; however, a useful way to organize India is by way of dividing it into “plains” and “mountains,” as the geography greatly impacts the respective spiritualities and ways of life. Itineraries are designed with this in mind, seeking to “flow” in a manner that maximizes opportunity for exploration, while simultaneously working around climatic conditions.

Major Responsibilities
Cost/Program Fee
Contact the Organization
What program fee Includes

Program Fee Includes: All food, accommodations, and scheduled program activities for the duration of the program. 

Program Fee Excludes: International airfare, health insurance and spending money.

Skills/ Qualifications

No specific skills or qualification are required, except the Candidate needs to be friendly, open, flexible and should have good communication skills.

Arrangements for Room/Food

Accommodations on a group semester can vary from extremely rural to incredible comfortable. On our programs in developing countries our students should expect to be taken farther out of their comfort zones; while safety is ALWAYS paramount, you may be expected to use a bucket shower at times, hand-wash your own clothes, or go without electricity for some days. We always try and balance these deep cultural experiences, however, with the occasional stay in more comfortable settings.

Any Missing Important Information

Note: Carpe Diem accepts students on a rolling basis for all programs - with wait lists once a program is full. Typically for Fall programs we recommend getting your application in several months in advance. Some programs require obtaining visas ahead of time, and therefore may not be available to you if only one month or so prior to group departure even if there is space in the group. Spring programs tend to fill less quickly, but we still recommend sending your application in sooner rather than later to assure yourself a spot in the program of your choice.

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