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CEA Study Abroad

Street Address: 2005 W. 14th Street Suite

Locality: Tempe, AZ

Region: United States


Spanish Language & Culture Spring Semester Study aboard Program

Duration of Program
6 months
Dates of Program
Flexibal Dates
Age Restrictions
18 Years +
Project Review

The Spanish Language & Culture program at the University of Granada is designed for students of all language levels who wish to focus their studies on continued language acquisition and improvement, while taking electives focused on the Spanish culture. During the semester, you will enroll in two Spanish language courses and up to three electives taught in English or Spanish. Your language course will focus on oral comprehension and expression, listening comprehension and grammar components appropriate to your language level. Your Spanish electives will help you continue to develop your language skills while allowing you to further explore the history, literature, geography and sociology of Spain. Students interested in studying an additional foreign language will be allowed to do so in place of one elective. Please contact a CEA representative for more information regarding course details and available languages.

Major Responsibilities

    Job Responsibilities: 

Cost/Program Fee
USD 10,295

What program fee Includes


    • Airport Reception
    • Welcome & Orientation
    • Tuition & Registration
    • Housing
    • Excursions
    • Cultural Activities
    • Social Activities
    • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Granada Staff Support & CEA Office
    • University Services
    • Cell Phones
    • Additional Conveniences

Skills/ Qualifications

Arrangements for Room/Food

Application Process

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