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Study Abroad in Spain: PAU Preparation and University Placement Course in Spain with ENFOREX



Street Address:
Alberto Aguilera 26 - 28015 - Madrid, Spain

PAU Preparation and University Placement Course in Spain with ENFOREX

Madrid & Salamanca
Dates of Program
Flexible Dates
Both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
14 Years +
Project Review

This course is specifically tailored to the needs of students who are looking to study at University in Spain, who need to improve their Spanish knowledge sufficiently and prepare themselves to pass the University access test (Prueba de Acceso a la Universidad or Selectividad) and who require assistance with their University application. The PAU is required in order to access undergraduate University courses in Spain. It is a series of exams held in June and September whose results affect the University choices of students. Most exam applicants have recently finished their studies at school, but there are also options for over-25's to take the PAU too.


Major Responsibilities
Cost/Program Fee
EURO 3100 (5 Months) to EURO 3900 (8 Months)
What program fee Includes

For information on what the cost covers and doesn't cover, please contact the organization at

Skills/ Qualifications

No specific skills or qualifications are required except the candidates should be open, friendly and have good communication skills. The candidates should have some prior knowledge about the language.

Arrangements for Room/Food

When you take one of our Spanish courses, you can choose from a wide variety of carefully selected accommodations in Spain. We offer the following accommodation options:

  • Host Families
  • Shared Student Apartments
  • Student Residences
  • Private Apartments

For details on accommodation and price please contact the organization at

Any Missing Important Information

Visa: Citizens of countries belonging to the European Union do not need Visas to enter Spain. Citizens of many countries (such as USA, Brazil, Japan, Korea, etc.) can enter Spain for a period of 3 months without a visa. If you are going to stay longer you should apply for student visa (type D) before coming to Spain. Students coming from other countries should inform themselves about the requirements for obtaining a VISADO (VISA) at their nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate. Enforex assists students in applying for visa and can issue a special invitation letter.

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