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IFRE Volunteers

IFRE Volunteers , United States

Teach in Underprivileged, Rural Schools

There is presently a very high demand for English-speaking Cambodians. Many Cambodian citizens are living in poverty and cannot afford to send their children to expensive, private boarding schools

Travel to Teach

Travel to Teach , Mexico

Travel to Teach English in Cambodia Starts From Euro 450

Cambodia is trying to establish itself alongside its ever-developing neighbours Thailand and Vietnam. In August 2005 The Bangkok Post reported Cambodia to have "the worst English language skil

Journeys Within Our Community

Journeys Within Our Community , Cambodia

Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad , USA

Volunteers to Teach English to the Orphans in Cambodia

Most of the orphanages in Cambodia are also eager for volunteers to teach some English to the children. Teaching young children songs, the alphabet and colours, for example, would all be greatly ap

Global Volunteer Network

Global Volunteer Network , New Zealand

Volunteer to Teach Conversational English in Cambodia

Volunteers will be working as language teachers in a school project which provides affordable conversational English language courses for students. The aim of this project is to raise money for a l

Projects Abroad Inc

Projects Abroad Inc , United States

Teach English and French in Orphanages Volunteer Projects in Cambodia

Due to a turbulent past and years of devastation, much of Cambodia's population hasn’t had the opportunity to receive a formal education. However, since peace has been restored many Camb

Open Mind Projects

Open Mind Projects , Thailand

Teach English at Village School Volunteer Project in Cambodia

A Dutch Organization supports two village schools. The placement is located at a primary school in the stunning and peaceful area of Chhuk Village, about 25 km from Siem Reap town. The coordinators

Real Gap Experience

Real Gap Experience , United Kingdom

Teach Children in Cambodia with Real Gap Experience

You will work at a centre set up by the local community with people from the Khan Meanchey and Khan 7 Makara area. The project is based at a refuse site and you will be teaching children whose pare

Real Gap Experience

Real Gap Experience , United Kingdom

Teach English and Computer Skills to the Children of Cambodia

You will spend your mornings teaching at a local Pagoda (temple)school and your afternoons teaching at the Floating school. The Pagoda (temple school is close to your accommodation. There are

I to I Volunteering

I to I Volunteering , United Kingdom

Help Teach and Care for Children in Cambodia

For too long famous for all the wrong reasons and missed off the travellers itinerary, these days Cambodia is making the headlines as one of the ‘coolest’ travel destinations in the wor

International Volunteer HQ

International Volunteer HQ , New Zealand

Volunteer Teach at the Orphanages in Cambodia

Cambodia has an incredibly high number of orphans comparative to population. Many children have lost their parents due to HIV, while other parents cannot provide food, accommodation and education f

Projects Abroad Inc

Projects Abroad Inc , United States

Teach English and French in Orphanages with Projects Abroad

Teaching English in Cambodia is an ideal way to gain some truly rewarding volunteer experience. You don’t need any formal teaching qualifications or a TEFL certificate nor do we require any p

Travellers Worldwide

Travellers Worldwide , United Kingdom

Teach Children in Coastal Sihanoukville, Cambodia

You'll teach children in a school situated in Sihanoukville, on the road between the centre of town and the beach. The school is very conveniently located about 15 minutes away from your accommodat

Travellers Worldwide

Travellers Worldwide , United Kingdom

Teach Deserving Children in Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia

This extremely friendly school is a non-government organisation and is very keen to have volunteers. The NGO was established and recognised by the Cambodian Government in February 2006. The school