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Tefl Abroad Programs, Reviews and Deals

World Wide Qualifications

Street Address:
Pestalozziweg 12A

TEFL / TESOL Course in France

Dates of Program
Flexible dates
Age Restrictions
19+ Years
Project Review

Step back into a fairy tale time as you spend a medieval month on our TEFL International course in Brittany, France. Our new French location in Plelauff, a scenic French village in the center of Brittany (Côtes-d’Armor), is close to the region’s rugged coastlines, steep cliffs and numerous medieval towns. Plelauff is an ideal place to study. A quiet, charming, peaceful village but central to everything you need. Nearby leisure activities include walking, cycling, quad-biking, fishing, horse-riding and for the romantic -- even international dance classes. View from a bedroom windowPlelauff is 10 minutes down the road from Rostrenen, a medieval town with a historical 16th century manoir used in the Revolution and famous for its market of organic breads, vegetables, cheeses and traditional Breton products. Nearby are excellent creperies and Lake Guerledan – popular for jet and water skiing, sailing and golf or just a winter stroll before stopping in a bar with a roaring fire. The 7th century historical town of Pontivy, well-known for the moated castle of Rohan and the Notre-Dame-de-Joie basilica, is only twenty minutes away.Bretons are renowned for their friendliness and many speak French as well as Breton (a Celtic-based language similar to Welsh). The province takes on a medieval feeling as many of the people still wear traditional lace head-dresses and the region seeps in supernatural and fairy-tale lore. Said to be the final resting place of Merlin and where King Arthur and Guinevere married, Bretons are famous for their supernatural stories, creatures and magical fountains. Common foods include local cheeses, lobster, crab, scallops, oysters, crepes, and cider-making.

Major Responsibilities
Cost/Program Fee
Euro 940 excluding accommodation
What program fee Includes

Included in the course price:
 Internationally recognised TESOL certificate, including testing fees.
 4 week intensive course, face to face teaching, including one-to-one training
 120+ hours, incl. 9 hrs minimum of teaching practise· All materials, books, papers, high quality journals
 Free use of computers, at some locations free internet
 Free photocopying at most centres
 Examination fees included
 Grammar course included
 Most location include free foreign language tuition of the language in that country
 Transport to and from schools for teaching practise
 High proportion of individually guided lesson preparation
 Free job placement assistance program, Lifelong job guidance
 Single- and twin-share accommodation in carefully selected guest houses and apartments, or on campus. Cooking facilities in locations where restaurants are expensive.
 Free social program of excursions e.g. parties, dinners, scuba diving (varies according to location)

Not included:
Air fare
personal expenses
Insurance and

Skills/ Qualifications

Course Pre requisites: 19 + years of age, native or near native speaker of English, ability to study at University level.

Arrangements for Room/Food

Please contact the organisation

Any Missing Important Information

What’s the life as an English teacher like?
You can't imagine teaching kids or adults? Don't worry! You will get plenty of experience during your TESOL course.
You may work at a public school and teach small kids: You teach usually around 15-20 hours a week, so you have plenty of time to prepare each lesson. Standing up in front of a group is a scary thing at first! How do I discipline rowdy kids? What if I loose the plot? What if they don't understand what I am trying to teach? At the TESOL course you will learn exactly that. This is what we call teaching methods, and 80 percent of the course is geared to teach you just how to survive in the class room and standing up confidently in front of a group and actually teaching English!

The nice thing about teaching kids, is, that it is so rewarding! They are more scared of a new teacher than you are, but already during the first lesson, you will realise that they open up. Kids are interested! They want to learn, and a native English person is something exotic and special for them. Most kids have seen a native English, an American or Australian on TV. And for the kids, this makes you automatically a star. This is especially true if you teach in Asia.

Before you know it, they will be all over you, giving you little presents, come to you for their little problems, tell you story's about there families, invite you for their birthdays and smile and greet you whenever you walk past! Not into kids? Teaching adults is not a huge difference! The only difference are naturally the teaching methods. You won't play too many games, but there are different challenges. Adults often learn a lot slower, but they will remember more. As with kids, they seem to know it all one day, and the next they forgot! Adults take a while longer, but will remember it all.

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