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Tefl Abroad Programs, Reviews and Deals

Maximo Nivel

Street Address:
Avenida El Sol 612

Intensive 150-Hour TEFL/TESOL Course in Guatemala

La Antigua
Dates of Program
1 course per month, see website for schedule
Age Restrictions
18 Years+
Project Review

The onsite certification program is designed for people who want a professional, accredited certification to teach English anywhere in the world. The 4-week/150-hour program includes 100 hours of classroom instruction and 25 hours of practical teaching and observation and an additional 25 hours of required self-study and research outside of the classroom. The onsite course is characterized by extremely high academic content and also includes an excellent practical teaching component. The overall aim of the course is to provide you with a professional graduate-level TESOL/TEFL course, including a balance between the theory and methodology of ESL. The onsite course is geared toward people who prefer dynamic classroom interaction with other course participants and the experience and insight that our onsite trainers provide.

Major Responsibilities
Cost/Program Fee
USD 1400 ( 4 Weeks), discounts may apply
What program fee Includes

The TEFL/TESOL Program Includes:

  • Official TEFL/TESOL Certification - valid worldwide
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Lifetime job-finding assistance
  • Open 7 days a week, including holidays
  • Free access to high-speed Internet and computers
  • Office-wide WIFI access
  • Free Salsa lessons
  • Movie night every Saturday
  • Monthly International Party with open bar
  • Free city tour
  • Emergency contact number 24/7
  • A toll-free emergency hotline in the U.S.
Skills/ Qualifications
Máximo Nivel does not require a college degree to enter our TEFL/TESOL Certification program. In most countries, the most important qualification is the TEFL/TESOL certificate itself. However, you might find some resistance by employers if you do not have at least a 2-year college degree. As well, especially in Asia and the Middle East, a work permit will not be granted if you do not have at least a bachelors degree. That said, with a TEFL/TESOL certificate, it is certainly possible to find work without a university degree, especially in South America and other developing regions.
Arrangements for Room/Food

Please email us for the room and food pricing at

Any Missing Important Information

Máximo Nivel can arrange housing during your TEFL course, either with a host family or in an apartment.  TEFL students can also arrange to arrive early or stay late to take Spanish classes.

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