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Each year, thousands of volunteers travel abroad for humanitarian missions. Many young college students are also joining volunteer abroad programs as an alternative to simple tour and travelling. They are looking for safe, affordable, and authentic volunteer abroad experiences. These motivated volunteers seek for ways to make a difference in the life of the children and community where they are planning to volunteer. As the first step of gathering information, when volunteers search the internet for volunteer abroad companies and organizations, an overwhelmingly large number of organizations and programs are displayed. The internet indeed is a colossal source of information, but information is unreliable and unorganized. The volunteers have a hard time finding reliable directories, reviews and organized information about volunteering abroad.

Therefore in Travellers Quest, we meticulously compile and list volunteer abroad program providers around the world. With the listing of more than 10,000 volunteer programs, Travellers Quest is now, one of the world largest directories of its kind. We post deals from reputed volunteer abroad companies so that you can save time and money and make your dream of volunteering abroad, come true. Our volunteer reviews section provides genuine reviews of these companies and enables you to give your own reviews of the programs that you have been a part of.

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Volunteer to See the Change

Armenian Volunteer Corps , Armenia

This program is designed to facilitate your research of possible volunteer placements currently available in Yerevan and the surrounding regions. Internship and community service programs are split…

Volunteers needed for Dolphin Research in Sardinia Island, Italy


We invite you to join our ongoing study of the behaviour, communication and social lives of dolphins off Sardinia. This volunteer opportunity offers boat based field work, marine conservation, dolphins…

Volunteer with LUKMEF in Cameroon

LUKMEF , Cameroon

LUKMEF is a not for profit organisation deriving most of its funding from donors and its workforce from Volunteers. LUKMEF volunteers are national as well as foreign. With work durations ranging from…

Volunteer with the Community in Bangladesh

PARD Palash Palli Unnayan Sangstha , Afghanistan

PARD  believes that releasing people's potentiality from interia is a vital factor in facilitation of development programs. This  can be achieved…

Global BuildersTrips

Fuller Center for Housing Armenia , Armenia

Fuller Center for Housing Armenia assists in building and renovating safe, simple, comfortable homes, with and for low-income families in Armenia, by offering them long-term, interest free loans, as…

Global Welfare Association

Global Welfare Association , Cameroon

Global Welfare Association - GLOWA started as a social group between students in 1987. The major objective then was to make adequate use of our African Social Capital through collectively doing…

Support Our Charity Program

vMaD Volunteers Making a Difference , Cambodia

Orphan care and Teaching: Volunteering is a two-way experience that will teach you a lot about life & about yourself, and will hopefully help give some unfortunate & impoverished children…

Adventure & Volunteer Program with Art in Tanzania

Art in Tanzania , Tanzania United Republic Of

Art in Tanzania is a Tanzanian NGO, also registered in Finland, which develops community work projects in towns and villages in Tanzania. We have volunteers abroad working together with numerous small…

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Volunteer with NAVITI Foundation

NAVTI Foundation , Cameroon

TThe NAVTI Foundation as an organisation aims at promoting volunteering in and from outside to our community so as to bring human resources to help our under privileged community. We bring people and…

The CCF Education Program

Cambodian Childrens Fund , Cambodia

The Education Program,is recognized as being one of the best school programs in the country. Many of our CCF students arrive having had little or no education, and are often unable to read and write…

Goodness and Mercy Mission Project

Goodness and Mercy Mission , Cameroon

The mission of Goodness and Mercy Missions is to empower men, women, youths and the disadvantaged with the tools necessary to help them improve the quality of their lives. It is through our educational…

Environmental Conservation or Eco-Work Starts From US $180

RCDP Volunteers , Nepal

Nepal's forest cover has been dwindling at an alarming rate as demand for firewood continues unabated in Nepal. The growing human settlement in forested land and industrialization has also intensified…

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Experience Life in Cambodia

Volunteer in Cambodia , Cambodia

There is a thirst for learning in Cambodia, especially in young people, and providing affordable English courses will contribute to fulfilling the desire of Cambodian people to communicate in the international…

Teach English or French as a volunteer in Moldova.

Center for Developing of International Relationships MOLDOVA , Ukraine

Teach English as a volunteer in Moldova. If you want to teach English on your gap year but don't want to go as far as Africa or South America to do so, then a gap year in Moldova may be the perfect…

Volunteer in Community Sensitization Program(Childern Rights)

Butakoola Village Association For Development , Uganda

This program has been developed after a baseline survey through which it was discovered that all residents in the focal areas had no knowledge about child rights, child care and protection, nor did…

Kyabirwa Primary School Volunteer Project

Kyabirwa Primary School Volunteer Project , Uganda

Kyabirwa Primary School is a government school, close to Bujagali Falls, near Jinja in Uganda. The school doesn't receive a huge budget as schools do in the developed world. Ugandan school budgets…

Orphan and Destitute children Volunteer Needed in RUDEC-Cameroon

Rural Development Centre , Cameroon

RUDEC needs the services of all volunteers from any country, with no barriers to age, sex, or colour, who can help in rural development, either by starting new projects or through the continuation…

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