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Rich from every perspective, China draws visitors to witness its mysterious Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven and the metropolitan cities of Hong Kong and Shanghai. With a rich culture and history, and the legend of the mighty Ming Dynasty, China offers a world of arts to explore. Volunteering in China gives you the opportunity to witness its lofty mountains, rolling hills, basins, grand plateaus and vast fertile lands.

A volunteering opportunity in China doesn’t just come with cheap deals but also with many interesting activities. Companies offering these cheap volunteer deals allow you to visit as an English teaching volunteer, as a healthcare or medical volunteer or as a volunteer working with local Chinese nonprofit organizations. Explore all the volunteers’ review submitted online where you can find required information about these companies and the opportunities.

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Shanghai Volunteering Program in China

Ecoteer , United Kingdom

We organise volunteer interns for schools across the whole of China. We have more than 30 schools all over China co-operating with our volunteer projects. Now our project manager is working hard to…

Join a Classic Trip in China

Gapforce , United Kingdom

We call this four week expedition ‘Classic Adventure’ for one primary reason: it’s a classic trip in which four amazing aspects of this epic country are uncovered.China is such a…

Sea Turtle Volunteer Program

Sea Turtles 911 , China

Sea Turtles 911 offers a Volunteer Program for those who are interested in doing volunteer work with sea turtles on Hainan Island, China. Since it is our immediate goal to revive populations on and…