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Volunteer in Ghana: Rural Communities Development Project in Ghana

Village Volunteers

Street Address:
5100 South Dawson Street, Suite 202
United States

Rural Communities Development Project in Ghana

Ashanti Region
Dates of Program
Contact Organisation
Both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
17 Years +
Project Review

Rural Care Network (RUCNET) is a grassroots/community-based, non-profit organization that began in Ghana in 1988. It was founded by Dr. Addae Mununkum, a Ghanaian medical practitioner/Cardiothoracic Surgeon who had just returned from Germany after 15 years of study and work, together with a few friends. From the onset, the organization focused on providing health care for the rural population. It soon became clear that improving the health status of the rural population demanded a multi-pronged approach, as important socio-economic factors that determine health status must also be addressed.

RUCNET is committed to the creation and development of vibrant and progressive rural communities where everyone is assured of easy access to quality health care, good education for their children, and an opportunity for socio-economic advancement. In the course of time, RUCNET has acquired an impressive record in the area of health care and their determining factors in rural communities. The organization has been involved in the planning, design and implementation of diverse projects including the following:

  • Establishment and development of Community-Based Health Care (CBHC) System.
  • Provision of clean water to rural and peri-urban communities.
  • Micro credit and micro enterprise development schemes.
  • Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS prevention and control initiatives.
  • Skills development programs for the youth in deprived rural and peri-urban communities.
  • Currently, RUCNET is in the process of establishing a naturopathic college in Kumasi.


RUCNET's vision is to become the leading force in eliminating health disparities that exist in communities by working with local churches, community centers, and others, to promote healthy lifestyles through education, early detection/screening, and providing medical facilities and referrals for proper health care.

Major Responsibilities

RUCNET welcomes volunteers with experience in:

  • general health care, naturopathic medicine, nutrition, or public health awareness to work in one of 3 health clinics
  • computers to help with the set up of labs and a library
  • academic administration to assist in setting up the naturopathic college
  • education to teach Basic Medical Sciences at the college

RUCNET also offers learning opportunities for those interested in ethno-botany and traditional plant medicines.

Cost/Program Fee
USD 1430 (2 Weeks) and USD 2830 (12 Weeks)
What program fee Includes

What is Included?

  • Personalized placement
  • Travel preparation and cultural orientation
  • Meals and accommodations
  • Escorted ground transportation to and from the airport
  • Escorted ground transportation to and from one village placement
  • Care and supervision by a Village Volunteers partner organization
  • Post-program assistance
  • Financial support for projects in villages

What's not Included?

  • Airfare
  • Excursions and tourist activities
  • Visa and passport fees
  • Immunizations
  • Travel health insurance
Skills/ Qualifications

Regardless of your skill level, your contributions in a village are appreciated. Come with an open mind and heart, ready to learn and pitch in where needed.

Arrangements for Room/Food

Housing: Volunteers are housed in the staff quarters of the clinic with which they are volunteering. Each clinic can host up to 5 volunteers. Volunteers sleep in double- or triple-occupancy rooms in apartments with a bathroom and shower. Should there be a lack of water pressure in the pipes, volunteers should be prepared to bucket bathe in the shower. Each bed has a mosquito net that reaches the floor.

Meals: Meals are prepared on the premises where volunteers live and work. Volunteers who have special dietary needs or food allergies should note their needs on their volunteer application so Village Volunteers can notify the RUCNET staff in advance.

Any Missing Important Information

Visa: You must obtain a visa prior to your departure from your home country. You cannot get a visa when you arrive at the airport in Accra, Ghana. You can obtain a visa application via the Ghana embassy or consulate office in your home country. Visa applications for US citizens are available via the Ghana Embassy website. Prior to submitting your application, it is strongly advised that you contact the embassy or consulate office to confirm the current application processing times so you can determine whether you need to use an expedite service.

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