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Prosperous and more liberal, Kuwait is popular for its oil reserves and an ultra-modern infrastructure. The small country is dotted with intricate mosques, magnificent hotels and splendid palaces. Because of its vast wealth, Kuwait has stunned the world by recovering so fast after facing an invasion a couple of decades ago. The capital, Kuwait City is a major economic center not just in Kuwait but also in the middle-east. The city also boasts major business centers of world’s leading corporations, and it is world famous for its brilliantly designed international airport. Kuwait offers many Volunteer Abroad programs for visitors to come and serve the country at affordable expenses.

Kuwait is a land of many volunteering opportunities in nonprofit organizations, healthcare projects and orphanages. You can even teach English to the locals and children. Cheap volunteer deals are offered by a number of companies that make it possible for you to visit and serve this country at lower traveling and staying costs. Read all the volunteers’ review to get helpful information about these companies.

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Volunteer with PAWS(Protecting Animal Welfare Assoiation)

Volunteer with PAWS Protection Animal Welfare Society , Kuwait

As the first animal welfare group to have received charitable status in Kuwait, PAWS has already made significant impact in opening the shelter and in providing rescue, veterinary and adoption services…