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Malawi is home to the great scenic African valley, which has enticed several tourists from all around the world. Besides the great African valley, it is home to many pretty plateaus that houses many different species. Malawi is also known as a country housing different wildlife in their natural habitat. In fact, they have done many things in order to preserve the country’s natural beauty. Besides the natural wonders, beaches and hotels are abound in this country, so you can relax and unwind while you gaze at the natural wonders the country has to offer. By joining volunteer programs in Malawi, you will be able to see these and more.

As a volunteer in Malawi, you will be given several attractive volunteer abroad deals as a reward for your work. These deals will make your stay more manageable. Of course, before you decide to volunteer, make sure that you read volunteers’ review so that you can prepare yourself for the challenges ahead.

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Work with Schools and Vocational Institutions while Teaching in Malawi

Student Travel And Exposure South Africa , South Africa

STAESA's teaching program in Malawi provides a great opportunity to work very closely with schools and vocational institutions. The program allows volunteers to get direct contact with the children…