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Volunteer in Brazil: Volunteer in At-risk Children's Orphanage

AmeriSpan Study Abroad

Street Address:
1334 Walnut St., 6th Fl.
United States

Volunteer in At-risk Children's Orphanage

Dates of Program
Contact the Organization
Both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
18 Years+
Project Review

This is an orphanage that assists at-risk kids, some of them with relatives who leave them there during the weekdays and take them home on the weekends. Others have no family at all. At the moment, there are about 24 children, ages 4-12.

Major Responsibilities

Volunteers can teach different subjects to the children in the afternoons, such as arts or recreational activities. The children go to school in the mornings.

Cost/Program Fee
Contact the Organization
What program fee Includes

The key components to our program fees are as follows:

  • Lodging
  • Food
  • Transportation from airport
  • Travel insurance
  • In-country coordinator & staff
  • In-country placement search
  • Donations to projects
  • Support staff in Philadelphia
  • Program development & related travel
  • Brochure & promotion
  • Administrative expenses
Skills/ Qualifications

Volunteers are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum Portuguese level: Low-Intermediate
  • Experience working with street children
  • Lots of patience, energy, and creativity
Arrangements for Room/Food

Accommodation: Volunteers will be living in Homestay or residence.

Any Missing Important Information

Travel Assistance Program: While your own medical insurance may cover you while abroad, all volunteer and intern programs come with a travel assistance program. You are covered for accidents, medical emergency evacuation and more. You can also find information on our site regarding recommended supplementary insurance.

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