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Volunteer in Brazil: Volunteer at an Exclusive Lodge in the Heart of the Pantanal


Street Address:
23 Bearsdown Close Eggbuckland Plymouth
United Kingdom

Volunteer at an Exclusive Lodge in the Heart of the Pantanal

Dates of Program
Flexibile Dates
Age Restrictions
18 Years+
Project Review

We are a very small and exclusive lodge in the heart of the Pantanal. Our main activities are organic beef ranching and nature tourism. Conservation of the exuberance found here is one of our major aims, and therefor we’re always interested in motivated volunteers.

Major Responsibilities

We would like volunteers to help out with animal census, such as performing transects and identifying new trees and plants. Sometimes they also will be needed to build wooden structures such as observation decks etc. English teachers for our staff are also welcome.

Cost/Program Fee
£20 - £50 Per Week
What program fee Includes

To know what the program fee covers and doesn't cover, please contact us at

Skills/ Qualifications

No specific skills or qualification are required, except the volunteer needs to be friendly, open, flexible and should have good communication skills.

Arrangements for Room/Food

For details on food and accomodation, contact us at

Any Missing Important Information

Travel Information: Volunteers are expected to make their own travel arrangements.

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Contact the Organization: