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Volunteer in Brazil: Work in Different Program in Brazil


Street Address:
United States

Work in Different Program in Brazil

Various Locations
Dates of Program
Throughout the Year
Both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
18+ Years
Project Review

The biggest priority is the construction of a community center. which will belong to the inhabitants of the community

In order to promote discussions and to develop a more proactive attitude in the community, the community wants to construct a building which will function as a multi-use space, that is a place where they will conduct meetings to discuss issues relating to preserving the natural environment, villagers' health, local heritage, etc. Moreover, it would also serve as a place to discuss challenges the community faces and ways of resolving them.

Major Responsibilities

Teach basic First Aid Basic Computer lessons (how to send email, how to create a Word document, etc) Basic English lessons Basic Hygiene Vegetable garden (to promote better nutrition and cooperation among villagers; in addition, the harvest of fruits and vegetables is used in a weekly "Big Soup" that is distributed to the very low income families). Other activities include: Sign making, helping the local artists improve their production and set up to make sustaining jobs,  and working on a program to reduce alcoholism.

Cost/Program Fee
USD 1350( 1 Week)
What program fee Includes

The fee for your program covers the cost of your meals, accommodation, on-site travel (but not airfare), emergency medical evacuation, medical insurance, donations to the various community projects, your orientation package, volunteer coordination, program development, country manager expenses, community team recruitment, logistical support and project consultants. The deposit fee is nonrefundable.

Skills/ Qualifications

No specific skills required but the volunteer should be flexible helpful and eager to learn a new culture.

Arrangements for Room/Food

Volunteers will be hosted in a modest inn (this is a change from the original home stay environment as the community felt this would be better), with running hot water, flushing toilets, and limited access to electricity. Fresh, delicious Bahian meals prepared for volunteers. There are also flushing toilets, though treat them gently, as they are not as sturdy as what you're used to at home. There is limited electricity: enough to recharge digital batteries, but not enough to do heavy duty hair blow drying.

Any Missing Important Information

Leisure Activities

Hiking on the beach, visit the main attractions of Porto de Sauipe, learn wood carving, and how to make ice cream with Brazil's indigenous fruit. Also can choose to take Capoeira lessons, and indulge in beach time, surfing, dancing, cooking, and getting to know the charming Salvadorans!

Arranging Your Airfare

You will need to arrange to be in Salvador by 11am on the Saturday afternoon your program begins. The program ends at 2pm the following Saturday and it takes approximately 1 hour to get you back to the airport. The airport is one of the return drop off stops our driver will make. You would not want to arrange a flight that departs any earlier than 5:30pm on the return.

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