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Volunteer in Brazil: Healthcare/Health Promotion in Brazil Starts From US $649

IFRE Volunteers

Street Address:
8500 N Stemmons Frwy #5030 K
United States

Healthcare/Health Promotion in Brazil Starts From US $649

Rio de Janeiro
Dates of Program
1 and 3 Monday of each Month
both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
18 Years+
Project Review

Witnessing the healthcare system of a still-developing country can often be a very overwhelming experience. While daunting, lessons learned and experience earned by observing (firsthand) Brazil's healthcare can go a long way in exposing individuals interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. Eager medical students and knowledgeable healthcare professionals are needed to assist a number of healthcare providers in the country of Brazil . Less than adequate healthcare is even provided to Brazilians who are fortunate enough to be able to afford some level of medical coverage. Health clinic and hospitals throughout Rio de Janeiro desperately need the help of trained volunteers who are able to cope with often-uncertain situations. Health campaigns throughout the country are always looking for helping hands to not only educate Brazil's citizens about possible health risks, but also address issues pertaining to preventative steps which can be taken to ensure a healthy community.

Major Responsibilities

Volunteers participating within the capacity of a medical volunteer in Brazil will have various duties depending on education, skills, experience, and qualifications. Volunteers are not permitted to perform major diagnoses or surgical duties. Usually, volunteers will assist doctors usually within the capacity of an assistant. Volunteers can expect to perform the following duties: measure blood pressure, body temperature, record patients' height, weight, etc. Volunteers may also provide much-needed assistance in various health camps, distribute medication, provide tips to patients regarding proper health, nutrition, personal hygiene, sanitation as well as providing general counsel to in-need Brazilians. Qualified participants may also assist in treating minor wounds and ailments as well as record-keeping.

Cost/Program Fee
US $1569 (12 Weeks)
What program fee Includes

What Does the program fee include ?

  • Food (3 Meals a day)
  • Accommodation
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  • Emergency Hot Line - 24/7/365 from any part of the world
  • Airport Welcome
  • In country Transportation
  • Country Coordinator Support
  • Thoroughly researched and personalized projects
  • SAFE Volunteer Placement
  • Volunteer Care and Other Services
  • Emergency support
  • Certificate of Appreciation/Completion
  • Fund Raising Ideas

Additional Costs for Volunteers

  • International and domestic flights
  • Passport and visa extension
  • Personal expenses on food ($50 aprx. per week)
  • Water/soft drinks ($1-3 per day)
  • Entertainment,& laundry
  • Telephone
  • Immunizations
Skills/ Qualifications

Only Health professional and medical student can join this project. volunteers in these projects should be able to provide some proof of healthcare experience/certification.

Arrangements for Room/Food

IFRE manages living accommodations and meals within a volunteer hostel located in a quaint neighborhood within the city of Rio de Janeiro . The city of Rio de Janeiro is famous for a number of icons representative of Brazil i.e. the statue of Christ the Redeemer hovering over the city, the spinning colors of the various samba schools (sambadoras'), numerous beaches, and more. With easy access to public transportation, volunteers have this world-class city at their fingertips. Within these accommodations, volunteers have numerous amenities such as: television, a kitchen, internet services, laundry, etc. Detailed housing information will be provided before volunteers arrive in Rio de Janeiro . IFRE manages 3 local foods a day. Occasionally, volunteers will also be required to prepare/serve their own meals.

Any Missing Important Information

Optional Portuguese Language: $250 (1.5 hours a day)

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