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Volunteer in Brazil: Environmental Conservation Program in Brazil

United Planet

Street Address:
11 Arlington Street
United States

Environmental Conservation Program in Brazil

Various Locations
Dates of Program
August and January of each year
Both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
18+ Years
Project Review

The purpose of this Quest is to promote a deeper level of cultural exchange and understanding through meaningful volunteer work at local organizations and immersion in the host community.

Major Responsibilities

Volunteers work with people marginalized in the local community, aiming to create a recycling project for them to guarantee an income.  In addition, volunteers can work in environmental education through arts, computer classes and other activities to promote environmental preservation.

Cost/Program Fee
US $ 5,365 (6 Months) and US $8,065 (12 Months)
What program fee Includes

Program Fees Include:

  • Extensive pre-departure preparation including an in person training
  • Food & lodging in your host country (host family or shared residence)
  • Airport transportation
  • Emergency medical insurance
  • In-country orientation, language training, mid-year camp (for 1 year volunteers only), and final evaluation
  • On-going support and supervision
  • Monthly stipend for incidental expenses

Fees do not include:

  • Visa processing charges (volunteers are responsible for aquiring the necessary Visa)
  • International airfare (volunteers are responsible for coordinating travel itineraries with expected program start dates)
  • Any required vaccinations or immunizations
  • Travel to the pre-departure training site (see below for location)
Skills/ Qualifications

No specific skills required but the volunteers should be flexible, helpful and eager to learn new culture.

Arrangements for Room/Food

Volunteers live with host families.

Any Missing Important Information


United Planet sends volunteers from many countries around the world. Obtaining a Visa (if necessary) is therefore the responsibility of the volunteer. U.S. citizens can visit the website of the U.S. State Department to learn more about foreign entry requirements. For citizens of all other countries, please contact your destination country's embassy in your home country or your government website. If you need a letter from United Planet to verify your participation in our volunteer program, please e-mail us with this request and we will be happy to provide one.

Health Issues and Vaccinations

Some countries require or suggest that volunteers have certain vaccinations before entering the country.  Please consult your country's government website for more information regarding the health of travelers. U.S. citizens can visit the website of the Centers for Disease Control to learn more about vaccinations and staying healthy while traveling.  It is also recommended that you visit the nearest travel clinic several months prior to departure.

Living and volunteering abroad, often in conditions you are not used to, can take a toll on the body and mind.  In addition to the information that is provided in your pre-departure package, please research how to stay healthy in your country of destination.  It could make all the difference!

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