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Volunteer in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a small Central American state covered mostly in tropical rainforests and boasting a number of national parks. The country is so serious about its natural reserves that a third of its area comes under protected region. As a Volunteer in Costa Rica, you will be well positioned to see the progress that the country is making in becoming a top ecotourism hub. You will also be able to explore the varied microclimates made up of beautiful places.

If you want to save money and serve this country, the best way is to come as a volunteer by taking advantage of the volunteer deals offered by a number of companies. Online volunteers’ review provide all the details of these companies and the opportunities that can range from teaching English to the locals to working as a healthcare volunteer or supporting any of the local nonprofits.

Costa Rica Volunteer Abroad Programs

Find hundreds of volunteer programs in Costa Rica, offered by a wide variety of providers. Contact them directly, read reviews, and more.

Spanish Classes & Scuba Diving Package

In this program volunteer will learn Spanish in a fun and relaxed setting, for we offer intimate classes with a maximum of five students in our Escuelita de Idiomas, located right in the center of…

Volunteer Abroad Guides and EBook

Our free guides and eBooks help you every step in your volunteer abroad journey. Download as many guides and eBooks as you like FREE!

guide volunteer in costa rica

An Advanced Guide to Volunteering in Costa Rica

This ebook was designed to help you: identify the benefits of volunteering in Costa Rica; find the best organizations to book through and the perfect project too. Plus there's a range of helpful hints, tips and advice on everything from staying safe to cultural do's and don'ts to help you have a rewarding volunteering experience. This free ebook will help you have a safe, affordable and meaningful Costa Rica volunteer experience.

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