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Volunteer in Ecuador: Working Children program in Ecuador

UBECI Volunteer Projects

Street Address:
El Recreo

Working Children program in Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador
Dates of Program
365 days of the year.
both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
18-70 Years
Project Review

The daily reality of child laborers is a difficult one. Children that participate in this program are as young as two years of age and accompany their parents to work. Their day begins at 4:00 am with 10-12 hours of work. The environment that many of these children grow up in does not nurture their development. They are exposed to aggression, poverty, lack of education, machismo, discrimination, and other difficulties that impede healthy growth and development. Growing up in such a harsh environment and where education is not valued, many children in this program have low esteems.

Major Responsibilities

As a volunteer, your time is important to supporting the activities that we develop for the children. Every day the volunteers join UBECI’s staff to visit the different areas Working Children Program serve. Volunteers provide assistance to staff members and implement educational and recreational activities in three hour periods in the morning and afternoon. Volunteer activities includes assisting the on-site educator with collecting children from the marketplace, helping them wash their hands and faces, singing songs with the children (in Spanish and English), teaching important concepts through drawing, writing, and making crafts, and overseeing activities in values, health, gender, and other topics.

Cost/Program Fee
USD 255 (1 Week) ; USD 370 (2 Weeks); USD 560 (4 weeks)
What program fee Includes

Program fee covers

  • Program fee
  • Orientation
  • Airport pick up
  • Three meals per day
  • Single room
  • Laundry services
  • Assistance 24/7

We don't cover insurance, travel.

Skills/ Qualifications


Working Children Program (Markets and Streets)

Available: January to December
Minimum Time Commitment: 1 week

In this program, UBECI visits outdoor markets and areas located in the south of and around Quito to interact with working children and their families. These children often begin working in these markets from as young as two years old, and spend at least 12 hours per day doing so. More than half of these children are not enrolled in school. The program functions in tandem with our educational and social processes. We develop activities to address the confidence, education, health, and skills of the children. We encourage them to enroll in school and establish commitment with their families to keep this process going and reduce their working hours.

Arrangements for Room/Food

For details on room and food, please contact the organization at 



Tel: + 59387310928

Tel/fax: + 59322648983



Skype: ubeciecuador

Facebook group: UBECI Volunteer Organization


Any Missing Important Information

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