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Volunteer in Ghana

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Volunteer in Ghana, one of the oldest inhabited countries on earth. The Western Africa country has served as the home of countless powerful empires including the Kingdom of Ashanti and thus incorporates influences from a diverse group of ethnicities and perspectives. Twenty-seven million people live amongst the countries tropical jungles, costal savannahs and populated cities.

Travellersquest has put together a long list of volunteer programs in Ghana. Work in an orphanage dedicated to preventing child abuse, work with the Westminster Comprehensive private school or aid organizations attacking HIV AIDS problems. Reviews of Ghana volunteer programs and cheap deals from travel agencies are available as well and can save you time and money.

Ghana Volunteer Abroad Programs

Find hundreds of volunteer programs in Ghana, offered by a wide variety of providers. Contact them directly, read reviews, and more.

Work In Orphange in Ghana Starts From US $549

Due to extreme poverty, neglect and abuse, many children in Ghana are forced to leave their homes. These children live in the streets under harsh conditions. The society also looks down upon them.…

Work in Orphanage in Ghana Starts From US $692

Extreme poverty, growing problems of HIV/AIDS, and different social problems make many kids orphans in Ghana . These lovely kids are in urgent need of parental help and support. In Ghana , IFRE partners…

Westminster Comprehensive School

Westminster Comprehensive School is a private school that serves a wide variety of people from different race, ethnic background, and religion. Admission starts from age 3 and continues to Junior High…

Help the orphans in Ghana

OA helps families of children at risk of abandonment and gives them secure futures within their communities. Families are forever and even in the era of HIV/Aids they provide a vital safety net for…

Volunteer Programs of LATEOTTGHANA Starts from USD 710

We conduct public awareness raising campaigns on drought & desertification, land degradation, global warming & climate change, biodiversity conservation, hazards & waste management, persistent…

Volunteering with Eye Health and Eliminate Preventable Blindness.

Unite For Sight® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers communities worldwide to improve eye health and eliminate preventable blindness. Unite For Sight…

Volunteer with the Young Shall Grow International

Through hands on service, volunteers are given the opportunity to chose from various placements where their skills can be effective. The Woe area is in the south-eastern part of Ghana and is largely…

Promote International Trade in Ghana

Most developing countries recognize that economic growth and long-term sustainable development can largely be accomplished through promoting the growth of private businesses and increasing international…

Health & Medical Volunteering Project in Ghana

VPWAoffer volunteers an opportunity to work in a health facility in Ghana. Persons applying for this opportunity must be professionals in this field or students studying courses related…

Volunteer with The Global-Ghana Youth Network

The Global-Ghana Youth Network is a local-global organization working to educate, empower, and inspire youth in Maine and West Africa. In the impoverished Ghanaian neighborhood of Kissehman, we provide…

Be a Part of School Lunch Program in Ghana

An exciting supplement to the Accelerated Learning Program is SHIFSD’s new School Lunch Program, which will provide ALP schoolchildren with one hot meal during each school day. Generously…

Volunteer Abroad Guides and EBook

Our free guides and eBooks help you every step in your volunteer abroad journey. Download as many guides and eBooks as you like FREE!

guide volunteer in ghana

An Advanced Step by Step Guide to Volunteering in Ghana

This ebook covers the top reasons why you should volunteer in Ghana, outlines of both popular projects and the best volunteer organizations who provide them, handy tips for pre-travel planning and ideas on how to get the most out of your volunteer experience in Ghana. Use this free ebook to prepare for the best ever Ghana volunteer experience.

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