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India is perhaps the most diverse country in the world whether in terms of ethnicity, religion or geography. Kashmir in the north lies close to Central Asia boasting some of the coldest places in the world. In the extreme south, Kerala is covered in lush green equatorial forests. And in the middle, India has more or less a dry stretch of land and plateaus that receive rain only during the monsoons. A culture affected by the rule of the Mughals, ancient Hindu kings and the colonial rule under the British, India offers monuments and architecture that is amazingly varied in different parts of the country. Volunteer Abroad in India to get the opportunity to both explore and serve one of the most diverse cultures in the world.

Cheap volunteer deals from reliable organizations make your visit to India quite affordable and interesting. These companies offer you volunteering opportunities like teaching English in rural parts of the country, working as a healthcare volunteer supporting the huge medical demands here or working with local nonprofit organizations. Information about these organizations can be had from online volunteers’ review.

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Community Work With Special Needs Children in Jaipur, India

I to I Volunteering , United Kingdom

Calling Jaipur the ‘pink city’ is slightly misleading; it’s bursting with the full range of colours that make every Indian city a memorable experience. Bright orange robes, red Hindu…

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Holiday With A Heart Volunteer Works For Our Goa Planet Project

Holiday with a Heart , United Kingdom

The charity that Holiday with a Heart works with for our Planet Project rescues thousands of injured and neglected animals every year and provides them with the care and treatment that they need to…

Support Women's Empowerment Project in India

Global Volunteer Network , New Zealand

Many women in India have not had the opportunity to gain a quality or equal education as their male counterparts have as the country has traditionally favoured the education of men over that of women.…

Volunteer in School for Tibetan Refugees in Northern India

Ecoteer , United Kingdom

The school aims to give an internationally accredited qualification in English to Tibetan refugees. The students are young adults and all have risked their lives travelling over the Himalayas to gain…