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International Cultural Youth Exchange , Germany

Volunteer in Mercy Health Centre for Providing Quality and Affordable Medical Service

The International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) is an international non-profit youth exchange organisation promoting youth mobility, intercultural learning and international voluntary service. I

Love Volunteers , United Kingdom

Teaching, Medical and Health Volunteer Programs in Kathmandu, Nepal

The teaching programs take place in Kathmandu and in several other areas of Nepal and in both public and private schools. Besides English, volunteers are needed for subjects that include mathematic

International Cultural Youth Exchange , Germany

Provide Food, Shelter, Education Psychological, Medical and Legal Support Program

Casa Refugio Matilde provides integral attention to women and children who are victims of domestic violence and must leave their home. Their refuge provides food, shelter, education and psychologic

Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI) , United States

Medical Clinic Volunteer Program in Ecuador

This project consists of a small health clinic and hospital that serves a large number of patients each day. By providing general care to children and adults as well as more specialized medica

Travel to Teach , Mexico

Volunteer with Travel to Teach For Medical Work in Nepal at Euro 550

We offer two different types of medical placement in Nepal. Experienced medical volunteers can travel with local doctors to villages where there is no permanent medical care. Many rural areas are a

New Hope Volunteers , India

Work in Medical Projects with New Hope Volunteers

Guatemalans face shortage of supplies and trained professionals as they battle various curable brought on by deprivation and neglect. Majority of population still lack access to basic healthcare, a

VIDA Volunteer Travel , United States

Involve with Medical, Dental & Veterinary Teams in Costa Rica

Many people in Costa Rica receive no regular medical and dental care. By partnering with communities in need and globally-minded volunteers, we are able to provide basic health care through medical

Rustic Volunteer and Travel , United States

Ecuador Medical/Healthcare Projects Starts From US$ 475

The healthcare industry in modern-day Ecuador is less than developed, often offering sub-par facilities to its ailing citizens. Rustic Volunteer Travel's Medical/Healthcare Project in Ecuador is th

A Broader View Volunteers , United States

Medical And Dental Healthcare Volunteering In Arusha, Tanzania

This is a great opportunity to make life-long friends, learn a new culture from the inside out and discover that one person really can make a difference. Volunteering with us and see A Broader View

Hope of Children and Women Victims of Violence , Uganda

Medical Doctors and Nurses Wanted

HOCW do welcome  Medical Doctors and Nurses who wish to volunteer with the Organisation,they are sent to the health centers which do welcome a big number of vulnarables as well as Refugees.&nb