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Eco Volunteer UP , Ecuador

Medical Volunteer Placement Project in Quito, Ecuador

In Ecuador’s capital city, Quito, there is a big difference between public and private healthcare. This project is located in two public hospitals, one in Quito and one in Los Chillos Valle

Travel to Teach , Mexico

Volunteer with Travel to Teach For Medical Work in Nepal at Euro 550

We offer two different types of medical placement in Nepal. Experienced medical volunteers can travel with local doctors to villages where there is no permanent medical care. Many rural areas are a

VIDA Volunteer Travel , United States

Work with Medical, Dental & Veterinary Teams in Costa Rica

Many people in Costa Rica receive no regular medical care or dental care. By partnering with communities in need and globally-minded volunteers, we are able to provide basic health care and dental

International Cultural Youth Exchange , Germany

Rehabilitation and Medical Treatment Project to help Disabled Children in Russia

The activities of the Organization are focused on:- defense of the disabled children's rights- participation in elaborating the laws and other juridical acts related to the rights of the disabled-

Meac Kenya , Kenya

Amanzi Travel , United Kingdom

Basic Medical Care for local Carers Program

There may also be an opportunity to help the local carers to look after sick people in their own homes, providing basic medical care to those too sick to go to a clinic to get the treatment they ne