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Medical Outreach & HIV/AIDS Awareness Volunteer Program in South Africa

African Impact , South Africa

As a volunteer you will predominantly spend your mornings with a locally trained care giver out in the surrounding villages, helping sick people in their homes. Volunteers help provide basic medical…

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Volunteer for Medical Project in India

AmeriSpan Study Abroad , United States

In a developing country like India, many social and economic constraints put additional pressure on medical centers and hospitals to provide adequate services to patients. Community clinics and small…

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13 Days Medical, Dental & Veterinary Camps in Nicaragua

VIDA Volunteer Travel , United States

Many people in Nicaragua receive no regular medical and dental care. By partnering with communities in need and globally-minded volunteers, we are able to provide basic health care through medical…

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Health & Medical Program with Silais Health Clinic in Nicaragua

BaseCamp International Centers , Nepal

Silais Health Clinics are run by the Ministry of Health and cater to low-income populations in Nicaragua. These clinics are located throughout the country but the main location is in Diriamba. The…

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Medical Program in Antigua Guatemala

A Broader View Volunteers Corp , United States

Antigua was largely, but not completely, abandoned and retained its colonial ambiance to this day. Some buildings still lie in ruins, many others have been painstakingly restored according to original…

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Cape Town Medical Aid Volunteer Project in South Africa

Go Eco , Israel

In a city of contrasts, Cape Town's private sector health care and provision is extensive, but it is the rural communities that suffer from an severe lack of facilities. While there are some structures…

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Cape Town Medical and Community Development Project

Amanzi Travel , United Kingdom

The outskirts of Cape Town are some of the poorest areas in Africa and here volunteers will have many opportunities to make a difference to the lives of the people who live here.  Volunteers can…

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