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Volunteer in Mexico

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Mexico sets one of the best examples for a Latin American country, and it draws tourists from around the world to explore its unique and fascinating culture. Volunteer Abroad in Mexico and experience its unique tradition of Siesta time where a long lunch break involves a must-have catnapping. Visit Mexico City and you will be able to explore the perfect example of a community that demonstrates the cultural diversity of the country. Although Mexico City boasts modern infrastructure and a fast progressing metropolis, it is not uncommon to come across the ruins of the ancient Aztec civilization right beside these developments.

There are numerous advantages of visiting Mexico through the affordable volunteer deals offered by many organizations. Find these organizations through the online volunteers’ review submitted by thousands of volunteers. The opportunities as a volunteer are galore including teaching English to the locals, working as a volunteer in healthcare projects or orphanages, or supporting a nonprofit organization.

Mexico Volunteer Abroad Programs

Find hundreds of volunteer programs in Mexico, offered by a wide variety of providers. Contact them directly, read reviews, and more.

Travel and Observe Life on The Border of Arizona and Mexico

Me to We Trips' Arizona-Mexico program is a perfect fit for those looking to take their class on an experience where they get to learn about social issues up close and personal, and can relate them…

Volunteer Project for Establishing a Women's Cooperative

High in the Sierra Norte region about 185 kilometers north of the city of Puebla in Mexico is the village of Xiloxochico (pronounced Shi-lo-sho-chee-ko). The land is lush, humid and mountainous, where…

Conversation Partner Mexico Program

Volunteer 20 hours each week in exchange for free room and board in Mexico!  Weekends are normally free to experience the culture by traveling around Mexico. This is…

Teach Conversational English Volunteer Project in Mexico

As a Mexico volunteer, you teach English to college students in the Spanish colonial cities of Dolores Hidalgo and Queretaro. Our host communities are two of Mexico's finest cultural and historical…

Volunteer in Different Social Programs in Mexico

Projects vary depending on the number of volunteers, which projects were finished (or not) with the prior group, what priorities have changed, weather conditions, which supplies are available, and…

Work as an Assistance in Organization to Support Civilian Associations

Fundacion Majocca is located in Puebla, the capital city of the homonymous state in the central part of Mexico. Puebla is a city with about 2 million inhabitants and presents a high level of wealth.…

Womens Reproductive Health Program in Mexico

Programs are 4 weeks long, and can be extended for up to 8 weeks. Please see our FAQs section (right side menu) for more details. We strongly suggest you read the "Rotations" section of the FAQ for…

Volunteer in Community Project in Mexico

Community projects are with children and young people in a variety of homes and institutions including orphanges.Examples of some of the community placements are a childrens' home with children aged…

Volunteering Journalism Project in Mexico

Our journalism placements in Mexico are based at various newspapers, TV stations, radio stations and websites. Our placements are tailored to your experience, interests and level of Spanish. For those…

Marine Turtle Conservation Project

International volunteers will participate in a program to protect the marine turtle working in tight collaboration with the local population of a beach located in a beautiful virgin beach, the project…

Volunteer Abroad Guides and EBook

Our free guides and eBooks help you every step in your volunteer abroad journey. Download as many guides and eBooks as you like FREE!

guide volunteer in mexico

The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Volunteering in Mexico

This handy guide contains information to help you choose the right organization and the perfect volunteer project in Mexico for you. It also provides useful information to help prepare you for volunteering and make sure you stay healthy, plus answers to the most popular questions asked about a volunteer abroad experience. This free book will help you to have an affordable and meaningful Mexico volunteer experience.

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