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Volunteer in Namibia

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Volunteer in Namibia for an incredible experience in Southern Africa. The diverse country borders the Atlantic Ocean and occupies much of the Kalahari Desert. Since the 14th century AD, Namibia has been inhabited making it one of the oldest inhabited countries in the world. The majority of the country has a dry, arid climate and is full of engaging, indigenous tribes.

From working on the Noah’s Ark project to rehabilitate neglected animals to volunteering in medical and HIV/AIDS camps, explore a wide range of volunteer programs in Namibia. Be sure to check out past participant reviews of Namibia volunteer programs and the affordable deals that reputable volunteer companies offer you.

Namibia Volunteer Abroad Programs

Find hundreds of volunteer programs in Namibia, offered by a wide variety of providers. Contact them directly, read reviews, and more.

Noahs Ark Project Starts From US $2250

Over the past 30 years, Noah's Ark has been involved in the care, rehabilitation and housing of orphaned, neglected, abused and abandoned wild animals. This project is fully dedicated to preserving…

Help World's Fastest Mammal in a Race Against Extinction in Namibia's Ranching Heartland

Your team will be based at Eland's Joy, a 15,000-hectare working farm and headquarters of the Cheetah Conservation Fund. You will assist the CCF staff with the day-to-day duties associated with active…

Volunteer in Namibia - Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary gives volunteers the opportunity to care for and handle African wildlife in the beautiful desert landscape of Namibia. Over the past 30 years, the family-run sanctuary …

Track, Study and Research Desert Elephants in Namibia

This volunteer program takes you to ‘Damaraland’ in the northwestern regions of the Namib Desert, Namibia. Running parallel to the Skeleton Coast, this tribal area is home to a small population…

Volunteer at Nambian Safari Guest Farm

We are 50 km from Windhoek and 90 km from the International Airport. This guest farm is run in an environmental friendly way and that is why it has received, the newly introduced Eco Award as the only…

Working as an HIV/AIDS Resource Teachers in Schools of Namibia

Namibia needs volunteer teachers now more than ever. Facing a shortage of qualified teachers, particularly in the fields of mathematics and science, WorldTeach volunteers have served in posts that…

Orphanage,Teaching, Health Program


Join us to make a difference in schools in Namibia. STAESA's teaching program in Namibia gives you a very great opportunity to work…

African Wildlife Rehabilitation Volunteer in Namibia

Volunteers work hands-on with African wildlife (cheetahs, baboons, lions, wild dogs etc.) which involves animal care, feeding, wildlife monitoring and general farm work.

Track Desert Elephants and Community Development Volunteering Work at Namibia

This project takes you to the northwestern regions of the Namib Desert, traditionally known as ‘Damaraland’.This harsh tribal wilderness area, runs parallel to the Skeleton Coast National…

Lion, Elephant Conservation And Community Development Volunteer At Namibia

This is an expedition adventure which will leave you with a raw passion for the real Africa, it will enable you to see conservation in a whole new light, and give you a true sense of achievement knowing…

Wildlife Volunteer In Namibia Chance To Work With Orphaned Wild Animals

As a Wildlife Volunteer in Namibia you will have the chance to work with orphaned wild animals. Cheetahs, lions, and baboons are residents here and as a volunteer you will be responsible for their…

Desert Elephant Conservation Volunteer Project At Swakopmund, Namibia

Elephant Human Relations Aid (EHRA) conducts a volunteering in Africa project which has been running for the last 8 years in Namibia. People from all walks of life have joined EHRA's volunteer project…

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guide volunteer in namibia

The Complete Step by Step Guide to Volunteering in Namibia

This ebook covers topics such as why you should volunteer in Namibia, safety and pre-travel planning, the best volunteer organizations, popular projects and advice to help you choose the right volunteer placement. Plus handy hints on health preparations, official documentation and finding a good priced ticket. This is a free resource that will help you to have the best inexpensive, safe and meaningful Namibia volunteer experience.

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