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Volunteer in Peru

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The South American country of Peru is a popular destination, not just for its ancient historical site of Machu Picchu, but also for the it’s varied topographical wonders. Machu Picchu is the site of the ancient Incan civilization, noticeable mostly for the placement of the rock edifices high in the mountains. The natural beauty of the country offers you many wonders while Volunteering in Peru – you can explore the soaring mountains, lush lowland rainforests, vast deserts and sugar-white beaches. Peru also offers engaging adventure sports like whitewater rafting, mountain biking and sand boarding.

With hundreds of cheap volunteer deals in Peru, there is no need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to visit and explore this beautiful country. You can visit Peru as a volunteer who teaches English or works as a healthcare volunteer or supports local nonprofits while exploring the country. These cheap deals are offered by special companies and information about them can be found in online volunteers’ review.

Peru Volunteer Abroad Programs

Find hundreds of volunteer programs in Peru, offered by a wide variety of providers. Contact them directly, read reviews, and more.

Volunteer with Kids and Communities in Peru

Globalteer is a registered charity in the UK providing ethical and affordable volunteering with the amazing children of Peru. The Peru Kids project is based high in the Andes mountain range in the…

Conservation of Biodiversity Volunteer Project in Peru

Fauna Forever Tambopata is a long-term wildlife and ecotourism monitoring project based in and around the Tambopata National Reserve and Bahuaja Sonene National Park in the Amazon rainforest of south-eastern…

Teaching English Project in Lima,Peru

As a volunteer with the Light and Leadership Initiative in Ate-Vitarte, you will be welcomed as one of our family. We have in-country and on-site support available to you at all times, including both…

Hospitality Trainer Project in Peru

Giving trainings to the campesino workers of Yachaqui Wayi in different aspects of hospitality, to make the hostel part of Yachaqui Wayi functioning perfectly. These trainings should take place every…

Support the Center For Children in Peru

These premises are exclusively for children, at present there are 6 small children between 2 and 10 years old that live in the center home ELIM. They are taken care of by two surrogate parents in addition…

Volunteer in Children Rehabilitation Center

At the Yanapay Village you have the opportunity to volunteer is our alternative program with children who are under the custody of the Family Commissary of the Santiago de Cusco Police Department.…

Volunteering in Reconstruction Program in Peru

Pisco Sin Fronteras welcomes volunteers from all over the world to involve in reconstruction program of the city which was devastated due to massive earthquake in 2007. The focus of our work…

Volunteer Abroad Guides and EBook

Our free guides and eBooks help you every step in your volunteer abroad journey. Download as many guides and eBooks as you like FREE!

guide volunteer in peru

The Ultimate Guide to Volunteering in Peru

This is a useful guidebook full of important information and tips to assist you in preparing for your volunteer placement in Peru. Here you will find information on the types of projects available, how to find the best organization, the things you will need to do to get ready for your project, and lots more general information to help you make the most of this adventure. With this free ebook you can plan and organize a fantastic, cheap and meaningful Peru volunteer experience.

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