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Work for Arusha International Conference Centre Hospital

Duration of Program
Contact Organization
Dates of Program
Monday to Friday
Both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
16 Years +
Project Review

The hospital provides health services for both in-patients and out-patients. AICC also provides facilities and services for the purposes of conferences, meetings, workshops and seminars. The hospital portion of the organization was primarily built with the idea of serving international clients but now has local community members as their patients. The hospital is manned by a full time team of doctors together with visiting consultant doctors, mainly from the referral hospital of Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC) in Moshi town, 80 Kms from Arusha. The hospital serves mostly local clients, but also caters to international client such as United Nations staff members, tourists and businessmen.

Major Responsibilities

    Job Responsibilities: 

    The AICC is looking for volunteers to help in all areas of the hospital. A high percentage of deaths in Tanzania are caused by four poverty-linked groups of diseases: infectious & parasitic diseases, illnesses of the respiratory system, nutritionally related diseases and diseases of the digestive system. The AICC hospital is a fairly busy hospital with different wards, services and programs functioning simultaneously. They are asking volunteers to share their knowledge and skills while working together to exchange ideas and learn from each other. The tasks vary depending on the experience and interest of the volunteer. Tasks can range from assisting nurses with rounds and charting, laboratory work, clinical work, helping in the CIC (HIV clinic), physiotherapy department, immunization clinic or maternity ward.

Cost/Program Fee
CAD 3245 (8 Weeks)

What program fee Includes

    The Program Fee Includes:

    • Placement Selection and Coordination
    • Pre-departure Orientation Materials
    • Fundraising Support
    • In-Country Orientation and General Training
    • In-Country Language Training
    • 24/7 Emergency Support
    • Airport Meet and Greet
    • Meals - except on Sundays
    • Accommodation at the BaseCamp Centre and/or Home Stay

    The Program Fee Excludes:

    • Flight
    • Insurance
    • Weekend excursions
    • Visa fees
    • Immunizations
    • Sunday meals, extra meals or drinks

Skills/ Qualifications

AICC hospital is looking for medical professionals, medical students, or nursing students. It is important that the volunteers should be willing to work in a demanding and busy environment and are comfortable in collaborating and sharing ideas.

Arrangements for Room/Food

Accommodation: During orientation week, volunteers will be living together at our BaseCamp Center with other volunteers and interns arriving in the same month. Once volunteers have completed their Orientation and language training, some will remain living at the Base Camp Center and commute to their placements from there, and other will transfer to their placement where they may have a choice between living in a lodge or home stay.

Meals: During your orientation and language training three meals per day are provided, except on Sundays. Sundays you are responsible for your own meals. Once at your placement, if you are living in our Orientation Center you will continue to receive 3 meals per day (Sundays excepted). If you are living with a home stay family, then you will continue to have three meals per day including Sundays.

Application Process

Interested candidate can apply on line through the given link: or you can contact us at or

Any Missing Important Information

    Weather: Arusha has distinct wet and dry seasons, and experiences an eastern prevailing wind from the Indian Ocean, a few hundred miles east. Highest average rainfall occurs in March, April and May and a raincoat is definitely needed during these months. June and July are the coolest months of the year as this is Tanzania's winter. The sky is general overcast during this time and temperatures hover around a modest but comfortable 20°C. When the sun does come out temperatures can increase to over 30°C in only a few hours. Into September, October, and November temperatures increase as the dry season takes over and the sky is usually clear and it is very hot during the day. December brings the short rains lasting only a couple weeks but temperatures remain hot as humidity increases. January and February are the driest and hottest months with temperatures remaining over 30°C during the day but cooling down at night. Arusha is considered to be one of the best African cities when it comes to great weather and tourism combined.

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