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Working for Burmese Migrant in Chiang Mai Migrant Learner Centre in Thailand

Chiang Mai
Duration of Program
3 Weeks
Dates of Program
Contact the Organization
Both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
18 Years+
Project Review

In this program, you will be working in the Chiang Mai Migrant Learner Centre. Here, you will be a member of a team providing training in computer skills, English language, Burmese language and Thai language. This exceptional training is offered free of charge to Burmese migrants, who have fled their country seeking refuge from severe human rights violations. Under the regime in Burma, basic education is unavailable to many ordinary citizens. Often, Burmese people come to Thailand seeking refuge and employment as well as the opportunity to pursue their educational rights. By volunteering at the Migrant Learner Centre you can help make this pursuit a reality for Burmese migrants in Chiang Mai. Minority groups attending the center include Kachin, Kayah, Karin, Chin, Mon, Burman, Rakai and Shan. While Thailand often serves as a safe asylum from the dangerous and corrupt military junta in Burma, discrimination and exploitation from employers and others in Thailand continues to be a problem. To date nearly 1,000 Burmese workers have completed this training. Dr. Thein Lwin, an exiled Burma professor, founded the centre.

Major Responsibilities

    Job Responsibilities: 

    In this program, you will be working towards the empowerment and education of these minority groups to further their chances of fair employment and a better quality of life.

Cost/Program Fee
USD 1399

What program fee Includes

    The Program Fee Includes: 

    • Registration fees
    • Donation to the Host Organization 
    • Pre-trip Orientation Materials 
    • Travel Health Insurance 
    • In-country Orientation and City Tour 
    • In-country Transportation to and from placement 
    • Accommodation and Food
    • Thai language training
    • In-country staff support
    • 24-hour emergency assistance

Skills/ Qualifications

Our project may be the only chance for education to them, and so this project requires volunteers to be very serious.

Arrangements for Room/Food

Accommodation and Food: You will be housed in the Cultural Canvas Thailand home-base conveniently located in the old city center. Here all of your basic needs are taken care of, including lodgings, meals, telephone and transportation. The home-base is located in a safe, conveniently situated neighborhood. It is a clean Thai-style accommodation with shared occupancy rooms. Our in-house cook will provide two delicious, home-cooked Thai meals per day six days per week. A light breakfast is always available with cereal, fruit, toast, coffee, and tea. On Sundays, volunteers can cook for themselves at the Home-Base or grab a bite to eat in one of the many near-by markets or restaurants. Please let us know any specific dietary restrictions in advance so that all of your needs can be taken care of.

Application Process

Application process online, Interested candidate can apply on line through the below given link:

Any Missing Important Information

    Support and Safety: The Cultural Canvas Thailand home-base is in a secure location with staff available 24-hours a day. Here you can receive international calls and internet access is within walking distance. In case of emergency, friends and family can call the home-base or use our convenient U.S. 24-hour hotline. In case of injury you will be admitted to one of Chiang Mai’s high-quality, private hospitals. We provide comprehensive medical insurance and emergency evacuation assistance.

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