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Street Address: 1719 Soi 13 Mookamontri Road

Locality: Nakhon Ratchasima

Region: Thailand


Build Mud-Brick Library for Thai Orphanage

Khone Kaen
Duration of Program
18 Days
Dates of Program
November 10, 2009
Age Restrictions
17Years +
Project Review

Join Dragonfly in the construction of a sustainable mud-brick library at a children's home in Khon Kaen this November!  We're looking for a team of 6-8 volunteers to work on this project which will produce a very useful building to be used by the home and also the local community as a library and study center. 

Major Responsibilities

    Job Responsibilities: 

    Volunteers play a vital role in Dragonfly bulding projects.  Volunteer fees help to support the project budget and volunteers are needed to learn and help spread through demonstration mud-based building techniques which are environmentally friendly, asffordable, and relatively easy to learn.

    Mud-brick building is physical work but also combines elements of art and design with the fun of playing in the mud.  Volunteers can expect to work full-time constructing a foundation, walls, doors and windows, and design elements (furniture, shelving, painting, etc.).  We'll live at the orphanage and therefore will also have plenty of opportunities to run activities with the children as well.

Cost/Program Fee
18,500 Baht (Approximately 545 USD or 335 GBP)

What program fee Includes

    Covered in the Program Fee:

    • Transportation from Nakhon Ratchasima headquarters to project site
    • Meals while on placement
    • Accommodation while on placement
    • Orientation and training in building and Thai language skills
    • 2 arranged nights off in the city of Khon Kaen (transport and accommodation)

    Additional costs:

    • Visa fees
    • International transportation
    • Transport to Nakhon Ratchasima and post-project transport
    • Insurance

Skills/ Qualifications

Mud-brick building technology is very simple and easy to learn, and therefore no experience is required.  For design elements, people with skills in design and sculpture would be a welcome addition to the team.  Carpentry skills are also very useful for installing doors and windows and building a roof structure.

Arrangements for Room/Food

Accommodation will be in shared rooms at the orphanage with bedding and mosquito nets provided. Volunteers will receive 3 meals/day plus some snacks at the orphange.  Meals may be taken off-site but volunteers are responsible for costs.  Meals will be of excellent Thai local food, which means rice or noodles with curries, salads, and stir-frys.  Volunteers can expect little access to 'foreign' food.

Application Process

Volunteers can contact Dragonfly through our online contact form ( to state project interest and will receive an application form via email.  Volunteers will receive acceptance within days of applying and may pay a deposit for the project to confirm their placements.

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