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Street Address: Suite 306, Building C6, Block 1, My Dinh 1, Hanoi, Vietnam

Locality: Hanoi

Region: Vietnam


Volunteer Kidsfun : Teach Vietnamese Children

Fisher Village
Duration of Program
3 Weeks to 6 Months
Dates of Program
Flexible Dates
Both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
18 Years +
Project Review

Kidsfun is a learning center enrolling students from 4 to 12 years old and providing extra-school courses such as English, French and Japanese language, as well as Art, Piano and Musical discovery, Ballet and Hip-Hop dance classes. Kidsfun recognizes that each child is a unique individual; possessing talents, abilities, goals, and dreams. We further recognize that each child can only be successful when we acknowledge all aspects of that child’s life; addressing their needs, enhancing their intellect, developing character, and uplifting their spirit. Finally, we recognize that individuals learn, grow and achieve differently, and it is therefore critical that, as a district, we provide a diversity of programs based on students’ needs. All teachers at Kidsfun Hanoi are qualified and experienced. For KDF calls for an education made up of diversity, teachers here are from all over the world –Australia, United States, Singapore, France, Canada, Belorussia, Belgium etc… The education design and the teaching are shared between Vietnamese and foreign teachers.

Major Responsibilities

    Job Responsibilities: 

    Major job responsibilities are:

    • Run a creative Workshop for kids from the Fisher Village which aims to create an artistic performance in conjunction with a charity event jointly organized by KIDSFUN and SJ Vietnam
    • During the workshop, through a combination of drama, dance, songs and story-telling, kids will learn English, dance, songs and acting in an immersive and original way
Cost/Program Fee
180 Euros (2 Weeks)

What program fee Includes

    The program fee covers:

    • Fooding and accommodation
    • Transportation
    • In country co-ordination
    • Airport recieve

    The program fee does not cover:

    • Visa Charges
    • Personal expenses
    • Donations

Skills/ Qualifications

No specific skills and qualifications are required to volunteer. However, we expect our volunteers to be hardworking, flexible and caring individuals who are willing to share their culture and knowledge with us.

Arrangements for Room/Food

Food: Food will be cooked by volunteers during the workcamp. Volunteers will be split up into teams and the cooking team will go to the local market to buy food and cook for the rest of the group. The volunteers will eat local ingredients, some special food from your country could be difficult to find here or could be expensive

Accommodation: Volunteers will have home-stays with very simple and basic accommodation, volunteers will live with the local people and it’s a really good chance for them to deeply understand about the Vietnamese people’s lives. Sleeping bags, sleeping mats, mosquito nets, pillow, and blankets are needed.

Application Process


Phone No: +84 4 6287 2829
Mobile: +84 974 431 799/ +84 977 173 000
Phone No: +84 4 22154993

Any Missing Important Information

    Volunteers can also donate to our ogranization. For donations, you can contact the organization itself and follow the procedures. For inquiries, please email us to this

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