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Street Address: 43 Church Street

Locality: San Ignacio

Region: Belize


HIV AIDS Public Awareness Program in Belize

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With an adult HIV/AIDS prevalence estimated as high as 3 percent, Belize is one of the most affected countries in the Central American region. The first case of AIDS in Belize was diagnosed in 1986 and HIV has since spread into the general population. Transmission is fueled by poverty, low levels of condom use and cultural attitudes that promote multiple sexual partnerships for men. The Prime Minister of Belize said, "young people, especially those of poor and migrant families, are at the greatest risk for contracting and transmitting HIV/AIDS across Belize" during the June 2001 United Nations General Assembly Special Session on AIDS.

Major Responsibilities

    Job Responsibilities: 

    Our HIV/AIDS Outreach includes public awareness projects carried out by volunteers. They are designed to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS amongst a large number of people and to keep HIV/AIDS in the forefront of the public mind. The main prerogative of these projects is focusing on catchy slogans or flyers that will be memorable to listeners and viewers as opposed to long-winded explanations that will be easily forgotten. Some possibilities include creating a puppet show, conducting a poster or essay contest and posting flyers. HIV/AIDS murals have also proven to have a powerful impact on a large number of people. Cornerstone Foundation publishes “Aids Link”, the only nationally published newsletter devoted entirely to HIV/AIDS. Cornerstone hosts National Aids Day, candle light vigils, community walks & condom distribution.

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No specific skills are required but the volunteer must be flexible, helpful, motivative and eager to learn new culture.

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Application Process: Please email the organization for application details

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    Mission: Our mission is to help people help themselves, and aid organizations and social service offices in meeting their goals. We want to be an active link in the athering and distribution of information and resources. Cornerstone Foundation strives to be involved in the development and empowerment of our community.

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