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Volunteer in Thailand

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Volunteer in Thailand and get to know the Indochinese peninsula in Southeast Asia. The captivating country contains 66 million people and the famous capital city of Bangkok. Thailand is a major exporter in Asia and offers visitors once in a lifetime opportunity to scuba dive and explore a tropical, Southeast Asia climate.

Volunteer abroad in Thailand to choose from one of the widest selections of volunteer abroad programs such as youth work, animal rescue projects, teaching classes and more. Read through reviews of Thailand volunteer programs and deals with volunteer abroad companies before you decide on your journey. Thailand is one of the most sought out destinations for travelers as it pairs an affordable lifestyle with a priceless experience.

Thailand Volunteer Abroad Programs

Find hundreds of volunteer programs in Thailand, offered by a wide variety of providers. Contact them directly, read reviews, and more.

Elephant Conservation Project

Globalteer is a registered charity in the UK providing ethical and affordable volunteering with the amazing elephants of Thailand. The elephant project gives a safe sanctuary to Thailand's domesticated…

Support the Forest Conservation Project in Thailand

The world’s tropical forests contain huge quantities of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that causes climate change. When they are destroyed for farmland or other purposes, they release their…

Sea Turtle and Dugong Conservation Project

In 2003 WARF established the Sea Turtle Conservation Project at Baan Talae Nork, in the Ranong Province of Thailand. Baan Talae Nork is a small, traditional fishing village, untouched by tourism, with…

Alternative Spring Break for Legal Studies Students inThailand

The BABSEA Alternative Spring Break Program offers an opportunity to make a real contribution to fighting the hardships and legal inequity in Southeast Asia while being involved in a remarkable experience…

Rural Thailand EnglishTeaching Project

Volunteers will be teaching English in the Preschools, Elementary Schools, High Schools and a Monastery project in Phonphisai, Nongkhai, Thailand. These schools do not have the funding to employ native…

Volunteer Projects and Cultural Excursions in Thailand

If you are interested in volunteering during your time in Thailand, Cultural Embrace can organize week-long projects for you to teach/tutor English, work on environmental/eco projects in the…

Teaching in Farmer Community School in Thailand

Located in in a small farming community of 70 households in Maha Sarakham province in northeast Thailand, FCS aims to create youth-driven community development. P’Lam, the director of the project,…

Learn How Agriculture, Technology, And Changing Climates Affect Civilizations

You’ll help excavate the rural Thai village of Ban Non Wat, a key site for understanding the origins of the Angkor Empire. Under the shade of a tarp, you’ll dig for human burials, food…

Voluntary Works with Wild Animals in Thailand

The Global Volunteer Network has opportunities available to work with wild animals through our partner organization in Thailand. Most of the animals residing at the sanctuary were maltreated before…

Volunteer Abroad Guides and EBook

Our free guides and eBooks help you every step in your volunteer abroad journey. Download as many guides and eBooks as you like FREE!

guide volunteer in thailand

The Complete Guide to Volunteer in Thailand Opportunities

This ebook is a practical guide to everything you need to know for your volunteer experience in Thailand. It covers everything from why you should volunteer in Thailand and how to choose the right program, to securing the correct paperwork, settling in and staying safe. This free resource will help you have an affordable and meaningful Thailand volunteer experience.

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