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Volunteer in Thailand: Teaching Project in Thailland

Business & Community Foundation

Street Address:
B-26 (Annexe), Soami Nagar (South), New Delhi, India
New Delhi 110 017

Teaching Project in Thailland

Chiang Rai
Dates of Program
Any Saturday Arrival
Age Restrictions
18 Years
Project Review

Afect provides free education to vulnerable hill tribe children, community support, vocational training and sports and arts.We assist the young and vulnerable and their families to break out of the trap of poverty through education, health care, nutrition and income generation and we have put thousands of children through primary education.The children are very enthusiastic about learning and very much appreciate hearing good English being taught and spoken by the volunteers. You don't have to be a teacher to volunteer on our English Teaching projects. Often you will find that all you have is a blackboard and a piece of chalk in the classroom. Fortunately the main resource you have is yourself. The students will want to find out about you. They will want to know why you have chosen to come and teach in a school in Thailand. Lots of the lessons will give you the opportunity to explain about where you live or your interests and hobbies at home.

Major Responsibilities

AFECT solely exists to help those in need. As a registered charity, we are legally bound that 100% of all monies received are used to promote our charitable objectives. We keep our administration costs to a minimum and provide full in country support for your stay.We feel volunteering fulfills a need and helping those who are enslaved by unjust poverty can counter balance our privileged lives in the west, but here at AFECT your visit can reach deeper than that – ultimately your trip is a return to nature (the tribe is very close to the biodiversity of the rain forests) and nature in all its forms reconnects us back to our inner being. Your time at AFECT will be colorful, cultural and a very rewarding one.

Major job responsibilities are:

  •  Assisting local teaching staff and teach English, general education, arts, computers and sports. Location Chiang Rai NGO centre
Cost/Program Fee
From US $ 200 to $ 330
What program fee Includes

The progran fee covers: This includes all transfers from either the Bus station or Airport. The fee also covers all food, your home stay (accommodation), your translator, and transportation in Chiang Rai. The fee also includes all training, field trips, workshops, seminars & activities. It also includes any writing materials you might like for your stay.

The program fee does not cover: The program fee does not cover your tickets, your personal expenses and your visa charges.

Skills/ Qualifications

There are no certain skills and qualifications required for the volunteering job except for the fact that volunteers need to be affectionate, warm, heping and willing to share what he/she knows.

Arrangements for Room/Food

Accomodation: For accomodation, volunteers can choose from any of the following given options:

  • San Jai - Hill Tribe eco lodges
  • Chiang Rai Western Style Dorm

Food: Volunteers will be provided with Thai food everyday prepared by Thai shefs.

Any Missing Important Information

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