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Volunteer in Thailand: Wild Animal Rescue Project in Thailand US $1694

Global Crossroad

Street Address:
4425 West Airport Fwy. Suite 210
United States

Wild Animal Rescue Project in Thailand US $1694

Baan Talae Nork
Dates of Program
1 and 3 Monday of every Month
both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
18 Years+
Project Review

In a vast area of virgin mountainous rain forest near Baan Talae Nork, just 80 kms south of Ranong city, houses WAR's newest and most ambitious project. Volunteers as well as our full time staff run the sanctuary on a day-to-day basis, linking with the GRP at Phuket, which is just 3 hours away. The sanctuary is a home to all wild species common to Thailand such as gibbons, macaques, slow loris, porcupine, civet cat, which are all in need of welfare and protection - especially Primates. Some species have already been relocated here. Additionally, the site will also be used for the relocation of infected gibbons from the GRP. An area has been set aside for the formation of seven islands that will allow for a managed and segregated unit isolated from all other animals at the sanctuary. The sanctuary currently houses over 100 animals. The aim of this project is the rehabilitation and long-term care of these animals most have which have suffered abuse at the hands of humans.

Moreover, another main goal is to provide a sustainable program with a lasting impact, by means of an education program in wildlife and conservation. It is crucial to the future success of this project that beliefs and behavior of local communities are changed. Without these changes in attitude, we would just see more animals arrive for which we do not yet have the proper facilities to care for. We believe the education of local people, in particular children, will contribute to the ending of illegal hunting and thus prevent the need to rescue more animals.

Major Responsibilities

Volunteers work a six-day week, usually for 8 hours per day; work includes food preparation, cleaning of cages, assisting in general animal welfare. Also, the data collection for animal is an interesting task. Development of the site is ongoing and volunteers are required to become involved in whatever stage of the project is being carried out during their stay. Additionally, suitable volunteers will be included in our education programs which appeal to the locals. An open-minded flexible attitude is a definite requirement for all volunteers.

Cost/Program Fee
US $2936 (12 Weeks)
What program fee Includes

Included in the price

  • Transportation to/from project location from/to bus terminal or airport
  • Orientation and training during the first and second week
  • Project T-shirts plus a ride to shopping areas each week
  • All fees for inclusion in the project
  • Accommodation at the project site during the contracted stay period
  • Supervision
  • Insurance

Not included in the price

  • Passport / visa fees
  • International airfare
  • Food ($2-10 per day)
  • Travel expenses within Thailand
  • Personal expenses i.e. laundry bills, telephone bills, souvenirs, internet, etc.
  • Transportation from/to projects from/to Bangkok
Skills/ Qualifications

No specific training or qualification is required for this program but participants should have effective communication skills.

Arrangements for Room/Food

Global Crossroad manages your entire supervision and accommodation during the project period.

Accommodations : Local style hut with toilet
Meals: $5-10 per day. Meal is not included in the fee

Any Missing Important Information

Meals: $5-10 per day. Meal is not included in the fee.

Additional Program

  • Language & Culture (1 week-optional): $250
  • Summer escapes: $1899 for 4 weeks program (including 6 Days of Travel)
  • Mini venture: $1,249 for two weeks program
  • Asia Combo: $1669 for four weeks
  • TEFL Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya): £650 for four weeks program

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