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Volunteer in Thailand: Elephant Conservation Project


Street Address:
54 Woodchester
United Kingdom

Elephant Conservation Project

Cha Am
Dates of Program
Year round
Age Restrictions
18-70 Years
Project Review

Globalteer is a registered charity in the UK providing ethical and affordable volunteering with the amazing elephants of Thailand. The elephant project gives a safe sanctuary to Thailand's domesticated elephants. These animals would otherwise be roaming the streets of big cities, be kept in bad conditions at working elephant camps or be otherwise exploited in the tourist industry. Volunteers provide hands on assistance to the professional Mahouts (elephant keepers) to ensure these beautiful animals live a life as close as possible to their wild relatives. The elephants spend their nights in the forests that their ancestors populated only 25 years before. Volunteers bath and wash the elephants daily, walk them through the forests to forage, clean their enclosure and learn all about these magnificent animals.

Major Responsibilities

In Thailand, as in many countries in Asia, the Asian elephant has been domesticated and used by humans for many years to work in the logging industry. Following the ban on commercial logging in Thailand in 1988 these working elephants were no longer needed. Suddenly, hundreds of elephants and their owners were left with a very uncertain future, and their owners have been forced to seek alternative methods to use their elephants to make a living.
Wild elephants were roaming the forests of Thailand before any man dared to enter the dense jungle full of wildlife. These magnificent creatures have been living in large groups free to go anywhere they could find food, using the same paths an tracks for centuries. Civilization has over the last 20 years driven the elephants back to a much smaller piece of forest with less to forage on, and a steadily growing amount of people entering the forest to hunt and cut wood.

Cost/Program Fee
US$ 680
What program fee Includes

The donation include:

  • Pick up from Bangkok airport / hotel, Cha Am or Thyang,
  • Accommodation for the duration of you stay at the project,
  • All main meals,
  • Full in country support from our project co-ordinator,
  • Comprehensive information brochure,
  • Assistance and advise for travelling to Thailand.

The donation does not include:

  • Flights, visas, insurance
Skills/ Qualifications

Volunteers must be 18 or older and be able to speak English.

Arrangements for Room/Food

The accommodation at the centre is in clean but basic bungalows, rooms are single or more often shared. The bungalows have comfortable beds, fans, western style toilets and cold showers. At the front of the centre is a communal area and kitchen. Volunteers have access to free hot drinks, filtered water, bread, jam and other essentials. Two main meals are prepared by the cook, Thai and occasionally western meals also catering to vegetarians. Evenings can be spent watching satellite TV or DVD's, relaxing with a book or socializing with fellow volunteers. 

Any Missing Important Information

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