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Volunteer in Thailand: Volunteer at a Wildlife Conservation Project


Street Address:
54 Woodchester
United Kingdom

Volunteer at a Wildlife Conservation Project

Cha Am
Dates of Program
Year round
Age Restrictions
18-70 year
Project Review

The Thailand Wild Animal Rescue Centre is located approximately 2 to 3 hours south of Bangkok. This sanctuary is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals previously exploited as pets, used for profit within the tourist industry or rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. Most of the animals residing at the sanctuary were maltreated before they arrived here, suffering from abuse, malnutrition, neglect and improper care. Many of the animals arrive with permanent disabilities and hence, cannot be returned to the wild. The mission is to give these animals the best quality of life possible in captivity. Construction of seven gibbon islands have been completed, allowing the gibbons to move about freely, to establish territories and mates, and to live a life as close as possible to a life in the wild. The project also has an education centre as it is considered that educating the locals and future generations is essential to the survival of Thailand's wildlife.

Major Responsibilities

Volunteers work a 6 day week, the amount of hours worked depend upon the amount of volunteers and current needs at the project. Daily activities are rotated amongst volunteers and include:

  • Preparing food for the bears, moving them inside and then scattering and hiding the food in their enclosure to provide a environment close to natural as possible where they would need to forage for food.
  • Preparing food and feeding the primates.
  • Creating the special diets for the other animals.
  • Enrichment for the animals to provide stimulation, thought and fun. Including making puzzle feeders and watching as the primates work out how to get to the food inside, freezing their food on hot days, or smearing honey in hard to reach areas in the bears enclosure.
  • Cleaning the cages and enclosures.
  • Providing the animals with water.
  • Walking in the forest to collect the best leaves for the primates.
  • Maintaining the centre.
  • Giving tours to visitors (experienced and willing volunteers only)

When new enclosures are being constructed volunteers can assist, as well as in the continual maintenance and re-design of existing enclosures. You will work closely with the animals but we have a no contact policy for the safety of you and the animals. The animals are wild and can bite and scratch. Disease transmission is possible between animals and people, and can be fatal to young or weak animals. The work can be hard in the tropical climate, but as always, you only get out what you put into this unique and rewarding experience.  

Cost/Program Fee
From US$ 935
What program fee Includes

The doantion includes -

  • Pick up from Bangkok airport / hotel, Cha Am or Thyang,
  • Accommodation for the duration of you stay at the project,
  • All main meals,
  • Full in country support from our project co-ordinator,
  • Volunteer for 8 weeks or more to qualify for 3 days at an "Elephant refuge",
  • Comprehensive information brochure,
  • Assistance and advise for travelling to Thailand.

The donation does not include:

  • Flights, visas, insurance
Skills/ Qualifications

Volunteers must be 18 years or older, reasonably fit and able to speak English.

Arrangements for Room/Food

The accommodation at the centre is in clean but basic bungalows, rooms are single or more often shared. The bungalows have comfortable beds, fans, western style toilets and cold showers. At the front of the centre is a communal area and kitchen. Volunteers have access to free hot drinks, filtered water, bread, jam and other essentials. Two main meals are prepared by the cook, Thai and occasionally western meals also catering to vegetarians. Evenings can be spent watching satellite TV or DVD's, relaxing with a book or socializing with fellow volunteers.  

Any Missing Important Information

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