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Volunteer in Thailand: Support Field Clinics and Medical Missions in Thailand

Kaya Responsible Travel

Street Address:
The Arches, North Campus Incubator, Sackville Street
United Kingdom

Support Field Clinics and Medical Missions in Thailand

Various locations around Chiang Mai
Dates of Program
The First Saturday Of Every Month
Both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
18 Years+
Project Review

This project is based in a Provincial Health Office in northern Thailand where they conduct medical missions to the surrounding communities as well as treating the locals. The public health office practise standard Western medicine, but often lack the resources needed, and this provides a valuable opportunity for volunteers to see the difficulties faced by low-income rural clinics in Southeast Asia and identify areas they can help. The clinic assigns volunteers to join their programs for observational purposes and to see how local hospitals manage local illnesses and ailments, as well as HIV and AIDS cases. Because knowledge of the Thai language is necessary for direct medical work in the clinic, volunteer work in many clinics is observational in nature, with a focus on helping behind-the-scenes. Make the best use of volunteers in research and administrative support projects. In all clinics, volunteers get to see and understand the operations involved and the fundamental problems facing a public clinic of this nature. The outreach clinic is currently a victim of economic struggles, and needs volunteers now more than ever.

Major Responsibilities

Participants carry out observational and support roles depending on experience and language competency. Volunteers who speak Thai have a better opportunity to conduct health assessments and help the clinic staff in caring for patients. Imaginative educational resources are always welcomed and appreciated by staff at the clinic. Volunteers are highly involved in the operational processes and execution of the weekly medical missions to rural communities.

Cost/Program Fee
Euro 1070 for 4 weeks, Euro 175 for each week thereafter
What program fee Includes

What is included:

  • Accommodation: Single or shared room in a home-stay
  • Food: 3 meals per day – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Training: Orientation and language classes provided
  • Support: 24 hour support from on-site coordinator
  • Excursion Planning: staff will help organise activities and excursions (some activities may cost extra) Trips include; cultural visits to temples and archeological sites, hikes, and cultural outings.

What is not included:

  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Visas
Skills/ Qualifications

Volunteers should have a background and interest in public health or another related area to work effectively on any projects in this field. Thailand programs require experienced people, especially those with medical backgrounds and degrees. Volunteers may observe in most departments of the hospital in a welcoming atmosphere. The staffs are eager to exchange practices and knowledge with foreign health care workers and they also are glad for the chance to practice their English language skills. If you are working with Kaya for a long duration in Chiang Mai it may be useful to undertake a Kaya Thai language course first to help you make the most of your placement.

Arrangements for Room/Food

In most cases volunteers are placed in local home-stays where they either have their own room or share with another volunteer. Usually two meals a day are provided by the home-stay family, all included in the placement fees. This way a portion of your volunteer fee goes back into the local economy, and you gain first-hand experience of true local family life.

Any Missing Important Information

Since you are about to volunteer in another country, we ask you to make the necessary preparations before departing. We prefer volunteers to take some small gifts to the local people. Some communities might have a high prevalence of viral diseases like malaria, yellow fever, so volunteers need to get vaccinated accordingly. Each member of Kaya staff have worked, travelled, studied or volunteered abroad, and many staff have visited and volunteered in our projects knowing firsthand the country and nature of the programme placements. Their knowledge of international travel and volunteering is invaluable, and they can give you good advice and tips to make the most of your international placement. For detailed information on this program contact us at:

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